More on Navalny

Navalny is a far-right Russian nationalist. And not in a good, heart-warming “I oppose globalism and love my culture” way but in a “throwing sieg heils and calling swarthy ladies black-ass monkeys” way. Really disgusting stuff, OK?

Navalny is also a fearless dissident who is hated by Putin.

Navalny is hated by Putin because Putin is a globalist. Putin has been killing Russian nationalists dead for 20 years. I don’t like Russian nationalists because they are into Hitler. I don’t like Putin either.

But assuming that two groups you don’t like have to be on the same side is pure projection. So is assuming that two groups you do like must be on the same side. Russian nationalists and Putin have no idea who you are. Their relationship isn’t contingent on your emotions.

I’ll let everybody to figure out from all this why standing up for Navalny and trying to punish Putin for poisoning him would be a… bizarre thing to do for the Trump administration. I absolutely want the guy to survive. I want everybody to survive. But he’s been sieg-heiling it through life, and you’ve got to be dotty to want to go to war with Russia over this.

But yes, Putin absolutely poisoned Navalny. Not the first, not the last.

4 thoughts on “More on Navalny”

  1. I know Liberals are in love with Navalny. If they want democracy, while Navalny is sieg heiling, why do they support him? Do Russian Jews, who are Liberals, support Navalny too?

    OT: Germany to give people £1,000 a month, no questions asked, in universal basic income experiment
    Researchers in Berlin want to know how ‘unconditional flow of money’ affects people’s behaviour

    Btw, when we recently discussed Belarus, cliff and you mentioned how unaware of economic realities they are. After reading this Russian post, I glimpsed the depth of the time hole they are in.

    // “Оказывается, в Белоруссии 90-95% трудящихся имеют временные трудовые контракты (длительностью до 1 года). В мире больше нет нигде такого неолиберализма в трудовом законодательстве и на практике”. Люди остроумно комментируют: “Получается, только раз в год можно поменять себе работодателя… Юрьев день!”
    … Из дальнейшего обсуждения выяснилось, что у Луки в его бантустане понятие “срочного трудового договора” обогащено сногсшибательной новацией: этот трудовой договор может быть расторгнут… только с согласия ОБЕИХ сторон!

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  2. It’s strange. On 60 minutes they never mention his actual ideology. They just gush about him as Putin’s opponent.


    1. I’m all for removing Putin but if the alternative is to create a white nationalist ethno-state with Hitlerian overtones and nukes, I’d rather it were Putin instead.


      1. Also, Navalny has tried to soften his image and become more mainstream in recent years. But still, he can’t help himself. Whenever he opens his mouth, things begin to spill out that leave no room for doubt.

        I so want to believe in a real anti-Putin dissident actually existing. But I can’t pretend not to see all this.


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