Not Exceptional

Here’s an example of gas-lighting.

I was at the gym and was forced to see news coverage on a mainstream news channel. They were airing a report about an extremely obese individual who clearly had diabetic gangrene. The report, however, blamed the symptoms of the gangrene on COVID and made no reference to the extremely obvious morbid obesity of the person in question. We are supposed to disregard the evidence in front of us and pretend that this “otherwise healthy person” who weighs 400lbs is really suffering because of COVID.

And we’ve all seen these cases before. This is not in any way exceptional.

7 thoughts on “Not Exceptional”

  1. “You will die-die-die if you don’t do exactly what we say-say-say.”

    Remember when we used to call it the Wuhan flu? Well now it’s the Trump flu!


    1. That this is a direct contradiction of the famous “we are two weeks behind Italy” doesn’t seem to bother anybody. Unless Trump caused it in Italy first.


  2. Unlike you, I do believe the view that we should be being more careful than I probably am, etc. It was pointed out to me that even though I am in socially distanced situations on campus, the fact that there are in person classes means students do congregate without social distancing, and it will push the case rate up.

    Nonetheless, I am still very irritated by all the doom saying and the scolding, if you are not super super terrified then you are a bad person. Someone did it to me again today, I don’t care about those who have died, etc. That’s not true — and I’d agree to more time of shutdown — I am just not into moralizing about it.

    I was a Bad Person during 9/11 also. It’s not that I didn’t think the attack was a bad thing, I did. But I don’t personally identify with those two towers, the way people said they did (they seemed to have such a big emotional connection to those buildings), and I am not more scared of terrorist attacks if they happen within the US than if they do outside it. People’s thing seemed to be “but I was supposed to be safe, and now I am not safe” and I was all “I didn’t think I was safe, and I don’t feel less safe,” and so I was considered immoral.


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