A Political First

For the first time in my life, I’ve been asked to put up a political sign in my front yard. I happily agreed. It will be for our great Democrat state rep. She was first elected four years ago and has really delivered.

Why it’s impossible to have hard-working, non-sloganeering, effective people like her nationally is a mystery.


There couldn’t be a starker contrast between the administration / support staff who have been working all weekend to get me everything I need for the first day of class and the professors who spent that same weekend on a campaign of bullying and intimidation against colleagues who will be teaching in person.

I can now envision the time when one will have to break through a picket line of angry goons to get to class.


Republicans seem dedicated to outdoing Democrats is the boredom and irrelevance of their convention.

Seriously, who wants to hear from these people? Other than Kristi Noem, I’d rather eat fried mud than listen to any of them. Trump and Pence have to speak and they’ll do great. But Nikki Haley? Everybody hates her. And the relatives? So many relatives.

Not that I was going to watch anyway.

About Canada

Canadians, how do you feel about the freshly unveiled (or hinted at) economic plans of the Trudeau / Freeland government?

I don’t know enough to say but it’s disturbing to me that it seems to be so invested in the climate blathering. Also, I might be imagining it but why is it being done under the cover of the pandemic?