About Canada

Canadians, how do you feel about the freshly unveiled (or hinted at) economic plans of the Trudeau / Freeland government?

I don’t know enough to say but it’s disturbing to me that it seems to be so invested in the climate blathering. Also, I might be imagining it but why is it being done under the cover of the pandemic?

3 thoughts on “About Canada”

  1. Yawn. Wake me when some glimmer of sanity breaks though the clouds. Otherwise zzzzz…

    Canadians can thank their lucky stars (or, more accurately, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council) that their constitution establishes Canada as one of the most decentralized federations in the world so that the amount of damage that can be done by the virtue-signalling, 25 watt bright, wokesters currently in charge of their federal government in Ottawa is very much limited.


  2. Magical thinking on the part of Trudeau & Freeland. The good news is that eventually they will need to go to Parliament where they are likely to lose a confidence vote.


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