There couldn’t be a starker contrast between the administration / support staff who have been working all weekend to get me everything I need for the first day of class and the professors who spent that same weekend on a campaign of bullying and intimidation against colleagues who will be teaching in person.

I can now envision the time when one will have to break through a picket line of angry goons to get to class.

4 thoughts on “Contrast”

  1. Well, they’ve got a heavy commitment to making it work in person, keeping the dorm money, etc., I’d say. I’m of course one of those who’s for it, so I don’t mind.

    Everyone I know is for shutting down but you have to have a really nice home office, etc., to actually prescindir de the tools and stuff you have on campus, and the space. I keep saying this exacerbates the inequality and people say I’m callous and uncaring about the 180,000 dead. I would be finer with shutting down if we each got some of the CARES money to get our home equipment with, but I’m really for something much more audacious/creative, a whole alternative semester somehow.


  2. Oh, wow. I totally understand what is going on at my daughter’s university. I have a freshman at an SEC university (just so you know the general area/size etc) and her experience has been just awful. We strongly wanted her to wait this semester out but she was all about leaving, and I get it. Two older brothers, they went, blah blah. She signed up for in-person classes…they all went virtual…so she signed up for different classes. All in-person or “blended.” They are all now virtual or blended, and the blended ones are meeting once per month. “Blended,” right. Many of the lectures are pre-recorded. I’m furious. But now I see that the professors are probably shaming each other, and there is no incentive from the university to actually go to in-person classes. I think their one goal is to keep the school out of the news.

    Her oldest brother is at a private college that is so woke it makes my teeth hurt. But all along they have said that in-person classes are their priority and they have delivered. It’s hard to believe you can’t get that commitment for less than $71,000 a year.

    Stay strong. Your students need you.


    1. Thank you! And I’m so sorry for your kid’s experience. We are falling the younger generation with our hysteria and self-involvement. It’s truly shameful.


      1. Now look at them Ph.D.’d yo-yo’s, that’s the way you do it
        You offer lectures on the campus TV
        That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
        Money for nothin’ and the clicks are free
        Now that ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
        Lemme tell ya them Profs. ain’t dumb
        Maybe get a blister on your little finger
        Maybe get a blister on your thumb

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