I’m not obsessed with taxes but my steak preference have moved from the bottom of this scale to the second from the top in recent years.

5 thoughts on “Uncanny”

  1. May I ask, who would build the roads? 🙂

    Seriously now. Do you think it is theft since usually nothing valuable is done with taxes?

    In Israel, I know countless valuable things that are done with our very high taxes and, of course, a few things I disagree with. However, most of those things like money for not working Haredi men will be provided anyway, while services middle-class gets would be badly hurt.

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  2. I’m not obsessed with taxes either and any of the top three would be okay with me (depending on other factors).
    My mother (who was also not obsessed with taxes) would have regarded the piece on top as a bit overcooked…

    For years in Poland if you could find steak (not a given by any means) good luck with getting it any rarer than the bottom picture…


  3. Middle, or second from the bottom (I don’t really see the difference between those two.) Paying taxes is just a part of living in a society with others. Just because I don’t like doing something doesn’t mean it’s an injustice, that’s just life. I want to live in a country with a strong welfare state, that isn’t free, ergo we pay taxes.

    I do think some taxes can be bad (we both share a distaste for gas taxes), and that taxes can be too high. I am not willing to pay the tax rate they pay in countries like Switzerland, and I’m willing to have a less generous social safety net in return. I would be willing to pay higher taxes for things I really care about like healthcare (Medicare for All or a public option), but when it comes to free college or the 8 billion other social programs progressives want, ehhhh.


  4. I hate paying taxes, especially since I have to write the checks quarterly, and will hate it even worse if senile Joe Biden gets elected and starts trashing my capital gains income.

    But the only slices of steak that don’t look partially raw to me are the bottom two. I’m partially colorblind, but I can see undesirable shades of red in the upper three. They need several more minutes of grilling. (A one-inch-thick slice of beef takes exactly eleven minutes on the original George Foreman grill. If you own a G.F. grill, trust me on this.)


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