Cognitive Dissonance

The lack of any connection between 5 COVID deaths statewide, empty hospitals, and ER visits for COVID-like symptoms at January levels on the one hand


the introduction of new restrictions that we haven’t even had until now because they are so harsh on the other hand

is driving me crazy.

And that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.


I have started teaching, everybody!

It went really great and I hope we are allowed to continue.

Even though the classroom is huge, I realized I don’t need a microphone because my face shield amplifies sound extremely well. I also hear students very well when they speak from their seats. The students seemed energized and very happy to be there. I got tons of questions. There’s nothing to complain of at all.

It definitely makes a gigantic impact on the quality of my teaching to be able to be there in person. I’m not claiming that everybody should feel the same but my personal experience confirms that f2f is best for me.

The campus isn’t crowded at all and I perceived no danger at any point.

Also, my intense mentorship of our faculty who are located in Africa and Kuwait paid off and both instructors made me proud today.

Happy Fall semester to all of you, irrespective of which modality you teach or learn.