Anybody There?

So? Anybody not on bedtime duty watching the RNC? Anything fun?

6 thoughts on “Anybody There?”

  1. Somehow I find the Met’s latest production of Agrippina and a Beavis and Butthead Christmas special more relevant.

    But I understand that neither florid mezzo-soprano coloratura nor inane chuckling is your thing. 🙂


    1. “Would love to hear your thoughts on this:”

      Probably not addressed to me, but here’s my short answer without reading all of the long article: “Hollywood elites,” like many ultra-rich people whose wealth buys them protection from having to live among, let along being affected by, the cultural whirlpools laying waste to much of America today, have the luxury of being as out of touch with reality as they wish, without ever being affected by the gathering storm or even having to acknowledge its reality. Pay no attention to them, and simply leave them alone in their delusional bubble.

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