I have started teaching, everybody!

It went really great and I hope we are allowed to continue.

Even though the classroom is huge, I realized I don’t need a microphone because my face shield amplifies sound extremely well. I also hear students very well when they speak from their seats. The students seemed energized and very happy to be there. I got tons of questions. There’s nothing to complain of at all.

It definitely makes a gigantic impact on the quality of my teaching to be able to be there in person. I’m not claiming that everybody should feel the same but my personal experience confirms that f2f is best for me.

The campus isn’t crowded at all and I perceived no danger at any point.

Also, my intense mentorship of our faculty who are located in Africa and Kuwait paid off and both instructors made me proud today.

Happy Fall semester to all of you, irrespective of which modality you teach or learn.

7 thoughts on “F2f”

  1. Cool! Happy start of semester!
    I just found out that we will have to wear masks AND face shields. I get very worked up and winded when I teach, so I am a bit worried about breathlessness behind the mask, and I made a comment about it to the powers that be, but was basically told to suck it.


    1. That’s really nuts.

      But it’s so cool you get worked up and run out of breath when teaching because that’s enthusiasm and love for your discipline. There’s nothing worse than a monotonous, droning professor.

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  2. Face shields don’t count for us, it’s no mask or out of building. It’s hot teaching in masks in a large classroom, I’m fine with it for small discussion but somehow in a large room it’s hot.

    You have recruited faculty in developing countries, as our cc is hoping to do to save money? What about salaries/benefits/participation in campus life other than giving a class online?


    1. Maybe your Dept chair isn’t as hard-working as some :-). I had to make a case for facial shields in language courses using CDC guidelines and involving the Biology and Engineering departments. Many people don’t know that a lot of things are possible if somebody is willing to put in the work.

      As for the faculty in Africa and the Middle East, we collaborate with the Fulbright scholarship to bring in two Fulbright scholars each year to teach these courses. Normally, they come to campus and spend a year here taking graduate courses, doing research and teaching a course as part of their program. This year we can’t bring them in person because of COVID. So it has to be online. The administration wanted me to find somebody locally instead but I fought for these people because they had been promised this opportunity and they shouldn’t lose it because of COVID.

      It’s all about somebody being willing to ruff feathers to advocate for their people.

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      1. You’re smart to have done this. Both things, actually, but I was talking about the Fullbrighters. I have tried so hard to talk people here into doing this and they just look at me blankly.


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