Biden’s “Build Back Better” is an excellent marketing slogan. It alliterates, it’s memorable, it’s strong, it’s very meaningful and relates to the current situation. It also alludes to the working class ethos.

And finally there are no personal pronouns in it. The soup of me, us, her, I, you was getting daunting.

Great slogan. Somebody very talented came up with it.

Big Plans

Not only am I teaching two classes tomorrow but I’m also giving an 1 hour 45 minute talk about the migration crisis in the Northern Triangle. And then I’m going to order a huge takeout.

If anybody tries another lockdown in the Fall, we should send them all to hell. Because I love my life and I’m not getting locked down again.

I Don’t Get It

What I really can’t fathom is people who put small children into online learning. There’s a tragic photo of a kindergartner crying in front of a computer that’s making the rounds. But why does the kindergartner need to be in a Zoom class at all? If your small child is at home, you are not working anyway. So what’s the point of planting the kid in front of a computer? If you don’t get to work and the kid doesn’t get to run around with other kids, then what’s the point?

I’m not trying to be polemical. I honestly don’t get it. It’s not like they learn anything that they can’t learn at any other time in these Zoom lessons.

I was in a Zoom meeting today. I’m an adult with uncommonly excellent powers of concentration. But I lost track of the conversation 10 minutes in. I grew bored, restless, fidgety, and just wanted to go away. If the exact same meeting were done in person, I’d actually enjoy it. The topic was interesting to me but now I don’t even know what was said.

Situational Compassion

This is in DC. More people are being bullied:

White silence is violence protesters chant #dcprotest #dcprotests #blmprotest #ACAB #blm #Blacklivesmatter #JacobBlake #KenoshaProtests https://t.co/W8DaT7Li9k


People who are still supportive of this movement of goons and bullies, is the reason that you have never been bullied yourselves and can’t have any empathy for the people who are being bullied in these videos? Would you feel the same if these were Trump supporters surrounding a person and demanding she put on a MAGA hat? Is your compassion and humanity reserved for slogans and not human beings?

I very sincerely can’t comprehend how you can see this and still want to be associated with these bullies.

I have discovered with my 4-year-old (who has never been bullied) that compassion for a human being (or even a storybook character) who is being piled on by the crowd is a very early human instinct. Did you never develop it or did you lose it somehow? I’m trying to understand how a human being reaches the point of complete indifference to the sight of an individual being hounded by a crowd.

There are dozens of these videos every day. Are you living in such a bubble that you’ve never seen them? There’s got to be an explanation for so many normal, good people sitting by vapidly while this is happening.

Save Democracy

Sweet, completely peaceful protesters are now bullying people in restaurants:

Protesters says people who don’t raise there fist is a white supremact #dcprotest #dcprotests #blmprotest #ACAB #blm #Blacklivesmatter #JacobBlake
#KenoshaProtests #KenoshaUprising https://t.co/UBGfJmb1aV


They are also torturing people in residential areas are night by blaring bullhorns and shining projectors into the houses where small children and elderly people are sleeping.

Let’s now discuss once again how important it is to vote them into power to “save democracy.”