Big Plans

Not only am I teaching two classes tomorrow but I’m also giving an 1 hour 45 minute talk about the migration crisis in the Northern Triangle. And then I’m going to order a huge takeout.

If anybody tries another lockdown in the Fall, we should send them all to hell. Because I love my life and I’m not getting locked down again.

One thought on “Big Plans”

  1. Actually, the “lockdown” or “quarantine”, as everyone so calls it, has never been a full-on “martial law” type per se
    …more of a partial quarantine than anything.
    We were still allowed outside to take care of essentials—shopping, coin laundry (for those who don’t own a washer and dryer), take-out food and items, riding public transit or still allowed to drive around, go for short walks, and the like.

    Most of this “staying home” was more on account of our having “nowhere to go” because “nothing was open” more than anything


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