Biden’s “Build Back Better” is an excellent marketing slogan. It alliterates, it’s memorable, it’s strong, it’s very meaningful and relates to the current situation. It also alludes to the working class ethos.

And finally there are no personal pronouns in it. The soup of me, us, her, I, you was getting daunting.

Great slogan. Somebody very talented came up with it.

17 thoughts on “B’s BBB”

  1. Are you kidding?

    The Dems’ “BBB” monosyllabic slogan has all the charm of the expression “Better Business Bureau” (which is a totally worthless organization, as those of us who have wasted time complaining to it can attest). It sounds like a stuttered reading out loud of the alphabet.

    “Make America Great Again” at least has a flowing rhythm to its populist wording.


  2. “Build Back Better”

    I agree that it’s good… in a vacuum, but in the current context it ties the Democrats to the rioting and looting and burning and kicking people in the head (if a person is paying attention which a lot aren’t so….).

    To be honest the first thing I thought of when reading it here was “Year Zero”* because you know…. that was the goal of the Khmer Rouge, to build Cambodia back better (and no, I’m not equating the current Democrats with the Khmer Rouge….)



  3. Reminds me of the famous tongue-twister “Betty bought butter..”
    Not sure about electoral gains but definitely has potential for lots of limerick fun. Here is one:

    Biden built better
    But building Biden built was battered
    Because black lives mattered
    So Biden better beat the bluster
    And Build Back Better


  4. “potential for lots of limerick fun”

    Not about BBB, but….

    There once was a VP named Biden,
    Whose hands over women were glidin’
    But then his luck stopped,
    When his brain flippy flopped,
    And now it’s upside down like Poseidon*

    I’m ready for my Humanitas award….



  5. What is there to build back? We were not at war, there is nothing to rebuild, unless you are building new things, but that’s not implied by the slogan. I personally hate it. It sounds like the old basement Biden is lost in time. And the fact that they fashioned it on MAGA is just sad.


  6. Here’s the website: Keep America Great

    Anyways, I appreciate that Mitch McConnell is telling us from a field in Kentucky somewhere that Trump will let us eat as many hamburgers as we want. At least that’s sincere. Overall, I think his speech more probably more effective than half of these …others.


  7. As for Tom Cotton, it’s remarkable he managed to give Joe Biden such a promotion throughout his speech. Also America is safer now than it was four years ago, when I was in the witness protection program and a tank ran over my house.


      1. It was an extremely effective speech for an alternate reality, in which the Chinese government wasn’t granting patents left and right to Ivanka. Biden was in charge of a mass of foreign policy failures, not Obama nor Hillary. I also had no idea Biden so powerful in foreign policy in his very first term as a representative in the House. The omissions were interesting. He wisely didn’t hit on law and order that much.

        Mitch McConnell gave a better speech with better lines. The bit about “taxing your industry out of existence and sending you a government check” surely resonates.


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