Visible Difference

Going just by the visuals, the difference between the DNC and the RNC is that of life under a permanent lockdown and normal life. At the RNC, normal, unmasked and unafraid people got together to spend time at a public event outside. A huge contrast with a bunch of little clapping and often fake Zoom icons at the RNC.

Red-pilled by Fauci

Wow, people. I went on social media for a nice, relaxing browse and discovered that somebody I know, a very Lefty person (and I mean, a die-hard, lifelong Lefty in a profession where everybody is a Lefty) has announced that he will be voting for Trump.

I dm-ed him to ask why and he says it’s the lockdowns and the COVID-mongering. He’s suffered very badly professionally, and not because of lockdowns per se but because he’s been hounded and bullied for questioning the COVID dogma.

You don’t know this guy so it’s hard to understand how stunning this is. I’d sooner have expected Joe Biden to vote for Trump than this guy.

I have a feeling that at the voting polls people will ask each other, “Lockdowns or riots? Which one did it for you?”

I swear I’ll never get over this guy, of all people… Wow.

Scenes of Domestic Life

Klara and N are setting out to visit friends. (Klara’s friends, obviously. I’m still waiting for the happy day when N will have a friend of his own).

“I’m opening the door, Daddy!” Klara announces. “I’m leaving without you!”

“If you leave without me, I’ll end up in jail,” N reminds, in his very fatalistic Russian style.

“Well, then you’d better hurry up because I’m sure you don’t want to go to jail, Daddy,” Klara explains sweetly.

In the meantime, I cooked the most Soviet menu I can think of – kotlety and millet, the standard fare of Soviet cafeteria – and went out to admire the brand-new political sign on my lawn. I’d never felt as American as when I got this sign. It’s a proud moment. I always wanted one but had no idea how people get them.

And before anybody asks why I couldn’t find out, let me remind them that in the past 5 years I gave birth and published 1 book, 3 book chapters, 11 articles and 8 book reviews. I need stuff to appear by itself without any extra effort from me.

Wokeness Games

Yesterday I was in a meeting with 14 people each of whom introduced themselves by announcing their pronouns.

I didn’t announce mine but the second they started to resist my requests, I unleashed a rhetoric of such uninhibited wokeness that they immediately caved and gave me everything.

Mind you, I wouldn’t do this for personal gain. But this was something I needed for the common good.

Kenosha Victims

One of the guys killed in Kenosha was a convicted pedophile and the other was a habitual domestic abuser. This doesn’t mean they deserve to die. I don’t want anybody to die. The issue is what these riots are about and who shows up to participate in them. This isn’t political at all. Vapid political blabber gives cover to violent criminal types to run around destroying people and things and feel good about it b