Red-pilled by Fauci

Wow, people. I went on social media for a nice, relaxing browse and discovered that somebody I know, a very Lefty person (and I mean, a die-hard, lifelong Lefty in a profession where everybody is a Lefty) has announced that he will be voting for Trump.

I dm-ed him to ask why and he says it’s the lockdowns and the COVID-mongering. He’s suffered very badly professionally, and not because of lockdowns per se but because he’s been hounded and bullied for questioning the COVID dogma.

You don’t know this guy so it’s hard to understand how stunning this is. I’d sooner have expected Joe Biden to vote for Trump than this guy.

I have a feeling that at the voting polls people will ask each other, “Lockdowns or riots? Which one did it for you?”

I swear I’ll never get over this guy, of all people… Wow.

9 thoughts on “Red-pilled by Fauci”

  1. Anyone who is a leftist in the economic sense, rather than in the sense of modern sociopolitical groupings, really has no compelling reason to vote for Biden. And I’d actually argue that lockdown alone is a compelling reason to vote for Trump if you’re coming from an economically left wing perspective. What’s better for the working class, lockdown or no lockdown? And which policy helps consolidate the power of the tech industry, lockdown or no lockdown?

    I feel like I could write “the left case for Trump” citing nobody but Marxists, if I really wanted to. I could definitely make an argument based solely on Bauman’s work.

    Btw, be sure to read this by Dreher if you haven’t yet:


  2. Btw, great that you’re seeing that. I hope it’s happening nationwide and that Trump turns his luck around. I’m even considering phone banking for him or something.


    1. See? It’s weird. Why could have expected you to go that way? Or me? Or my completely apolitical husband who out of the blue asked me how to go about getting a Trump / Pence yard sign. It turns out he accidentally came across videos of the riots on YouTube.


      1. It’s incredibly impressive Dems have managed to lose me (in this election, anyway; I will remain a faithful enemy of the Ohio GOP in 2022.) I was a fan of the party’s message for such a long time, and I’m not that hard to satisfy. They’d just have to run someone like Sherrod Brown and I’d be back in an instant.

        More broadly, this goes for 2016 too. How did they lose my grandpa, a lifelong Democrat? This is not a particularly conservative man. But when I go back to that first debate and see Trump talking about how NAFTA destroyed the Midwest and Hillary smirking and saying “well, that’s your opinion” in response, it’s no wonder Trump could win against that, and flip Midwestern Dems to him in the process.

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          1. And that’s just the ones who are willing to admit it. The Democrats are Trumps biggest campaigners right now. If things keep going this way, it’ll be a landslide in November even with all the mail-in voting fraud.

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            1. I know I’m not going to post about it on social media, or even tell many people. But I’ll still be quietly voting for him.


              1. I get that. I recently deleted my FB account manually: every comment I’ve ever made on any page, every like, every photo, every subscription and event, everything. Gone and swept up all the footprints. And my reasons for doing so have a lot to do with why I’m voting for Trump this year. Suddenly, I’m concerned that the one thing on the internet with my real name on it, might hurt my husband’s job prospects, or get my kids targeted. I don’t exactly keep it secret, but… neither is it out there for all my second cousins and old classmates to see.

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