This Says It All

I really want to hear from the people who were curling their lip at me for watching Fox News. Still feeling superior? Any change in perspective? Horizons widened or still as narrow as ever?

15 thoughts on “This Says It All”

  1. World History according to CNN:

    Mostly peaceful evening in the theater enjoyed by Abraham Lincoln…

    Mostly peaceful drive through Dallas for JFK…

    Mostly peaceful morning in beautiful Pearl Harbor…

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    1. // How about not watching either of them?

      If one wants to watch news updates, what is left? Blogs one chooses may have blind spots of their own.

      // These 24 hour news channels are plain toxic.

      If one watches anything 24/7 , it becomes super toxic.

      Btw, today I saw a 1 minute video from Russian TV covering the events in Belarus. Nothing in US can be as toxic as that. 😉


    2. I like news. It’s an innocent hobby of mine. I used to have several unhealthy compensatory mechanisms but then finally substituted them with this one. Jokes aside, it was a huge achievement for me.


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