Visible Difference

Going just by the visuals, the difference between the DNC and the RNC is that of life under a permanent lockdown and normal life. At the RNC, normal, unmasked and unafraid people got together to spend time at a public event outside. A huge contrast with a bunch of little clapping and often fake Zoom icons at the RNC.

4 thoughts on “Visible Difference”

  1. Lots of media blue checks bitching and moaning about the close together chairs and lack of masks. It’s like they don’t understand the purpose of it…

    The difference was really highlighted when the crowd spontaneously erupted into chants of “four more years!” There was no cheering crowd for Joe Biden, no enthusiasm. Just an empty room.


    1. Well, the convention was literally in the midst of a BLM protest. And we all know the virus doesn’t transmit at those protests. So it all makes sense.


  2. I am not a sentimental person. Maybe I have been in lockdown for too long but I saw the video of the outdoor convention, all these normal people gathering around without masks and social distancing, at a normal event in a normal night and I just started to cry. I was a huge fan of Obama and very touched when he won, but I have never been so moved by any political event my whole life. If this is anything to go by, this event was a huge symbolic win for the Republicans!


    1. I have dreams of being around people and seeing their faces and not having people run away when they spot me in a store aisle. So yes, I’m with you.


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