Vive PQ!

Every time I hear about the eminently reasonable, hysteria-free, undauntedly rational response of Quebec’s leadership to COVID, I run around yelling, “Vive Quebec libre!”

Recent events have turned me into a Quebecois separatist Trump supporter.

I couldn’t be more stunned if I sprouted wings.

COVID Counting

A young female! In her twenties! Died of COVID! In August!

That’s scary.

If only it weren’t for the fact that this young female in her twenties died by suicide in May. She overdosed on meds while being high on meth. It’s a tragedy. But it’s not a COVID tragedy.

Of course, now the poor young woman is being used in death to bully the living into COVID submission.

We only know about this case because somebody investigated. But how many “recent COVID deaths of young people” are neither recent nor COVID?


Some proof for my earlier comments: Trump today granted full pardon to Alice Johnson after inviting her to speak at the RNC.

Johnson is a terrible, terrible person. Her “non-violent drug offences” are nothing of the kind.

I absolutely believe that hardened criminals can repent and reform. But Johnson is still playing the victim. She’s never recognized the horrible things she did. She’s a liar and a sociopath.

The only reason why the Trump campaign is pushing so hard a narrative of “let’s bring more vicious criminals out into the streets because things aren’t nearly violent enough yet” is because of the truly monomaniacal fantasy of gaining inroads in the black vote.

Link of the Day

It’s very good to see people finally talk about the class dimensions of the ongoing cultural revolution:

For these corporations, this revolution is more about returning transnational capital to a place of unquestioned primacy than it is about protesting the abuses of police power. If Trump can be cowed (or better still—removed), then his policies that have ever-so-slightly slowed capital accumulation in the tech and retail sectors (which have become deeply intertwined) can be reversed. Capital, then, is our Mao; these sectors of capital are the disempowered regime leaping at the opportunity afforded by the middle and lower-class youth revolt. They wish to return to a position where they can make decisions unfettered by even mild rebukes to their interests (here in the form of tariffs), and the educated but stagnant middle class want to improve their own position by toppling bureaucrats above them in the hierarchy. In other words: antiracism and police abolition for the managerial and lower classes, free markets and unimpeded supply chains for the corporate boardrooms.

RNC Conclusions

So I watched the RNC. Not entirely but I watched a chunk and read about the rest. Here’s what I have to say.

Trump has completely ditched the MAGA people and gone for African Americans. This isn’t new. He’s been operating under the illusion that he can get 20% of the black vote for a while. The idea seems to be that the MAGA voters have no place to go anyway while black voters can be persuaded to switch over.

I welcome a debate. But a debate requires a clarity of terms. If you want to make an argument that MAGA people were prominent at the RNC, please name 5-10 of the most important MAGA personalities in the country. Which of them spoke at the RNC? And how many speakers were the people absolutely detested by the MAGA crowd? According to my observation, the answers are zero and 70% respectively. And if you watched the beautifully filmed and organized videos and events between the speeches, you’d know that they seem designed to get the MAGA crowd’s backs up.

We can also play at guessing what a MAGA RNC would look like. Who’d speak? Not Nikki Haley and Jarvanka, that’s for sure.

And before the opposing side starts feeling better for yourself, here’s what your guys were doing while the RNC was going on. And for months before:

Elderly man assaulted just outside the White House. He stoically makes his way through the crowd and is attacked, knocked to the ground and knocked out right after passing the massive BLM words plastered to the street. This is the true nature of BLM right now.

Even the deeply odious Nikki Haley is better than your side.

Zoom Away

One gigantic win for the RNC is that it never looked like a Zoom call.

How is it possible that the DNC organizers don’t realize that people are exhausted by Zoom?

Has anybody honestly met a person who, at the end of the day, is eager to turn on the TV and watch other people have Zoom meetings?

This reminds me of the old Soviet joke about a tired gynecologist who beat up a woman for offering to show him her genitals in exchange for 3 roubles as he walked home from work.