RNC Conclusions

So I watched the RNC. Not entirely but I watched a chunk and read about the rest. Here’s what I have to say.

Trump has completely ditched the MAGA people and gone for African Americans. This isn’t new. He’s been operating under the illusion that he can get 20% of the black vote for a while. The idea seems to be that the MAGA voters have no place to go anyway while black voters can be persuaded to switch over.

I welcome a debate. But a debate requires a clarity of terms. If you want to make an argument that MAGA people were prominent at the RNC, please name 5-10 of the most important MAGA personalities in the country. Which of them spoke at the RNC? And how many speakers were the people absolutely detested by the MAGA crowd? According to my observation, the answers are zero and 70% respectively. And if you watched the beautifully filmed and organized videos and events between the speeches, you’d know that they seem designed to get the MAGA crowd’s backs up.

We can also play at guessing what a MAGA RNC would look like. Who’d speak? Not Nikki Haley and Jarvanka, that’s for sure.

And before the opposing side starts feeling better for yourself, here’s what your guys were doing while the RNC was going on. And for months before:

Elderly man assaulted just outside the White House. He stoically makes his way through the crowd and is attacked, knocked to the ground and knocked out right after passing the massive BLM words plastered to the street. This is the true nature of BLM right now. https://t.co/F89kw0K8sz

Even the deeply odious Nikki Haley is better than your side.

23 thoughts on “RNC Conclusions”

  1. I think America will deserve what is coming at its democratic institutions if folks like your friend re-elect Trump. I wouldn’t care if it didn’t drag down Canada along with it.

    Also, all of Canada has less new infection rate than one university in the USA. So, your lefty friend and I think your Bernie folks, who are protesting Mask wearing because they are exhausted are THE REASON the US continues in this mess.

    What part of Mitigation is hard to comprehend? Why is a challenge to show empathy for of 178,000 deaths (most avoidable) from COVID19? Seriously, how can you share people for not shorting Universal Healthcare but then be anti/fucking Masks to save lives? This state of mind is bordering on Mental illness.

    Y’all have fucked up priorities.

    Some so called Lefties really should be marginalized for promoting .

    Ps: I am not returning to reply to any comments. Just don’t want this negativity at all.


    1. What do you think will happen if we get the new infection rate down to zero? Will we then keep the borders closed forever so there will never be a chance of re-introducing it? Will we quarantine everyone coming into the country until it can be proven they don’t carry the virus? What about illegal border-crossers? Will we quarantine them as well?


      1. There’s absolutely no evidence that outdoor gatherings are a significant transmission vector. This is a virus that transmits indoors. There’s also no evidence of asymptomatic transmission. None. Even Fauci himself said back in January that in the entire history of the viruses of this type there hasn’t been evidence of asymptomatic transmission among strangers.

        Remember the drama over spring breakers in March? No outbreaks came out of that. Remember the drama over vacationers in the Ozarks? No outbreaks either. I vacationed in the Ozarks myself recently. Didn’t get infected even though I didn’t have a mask at any time. The majority of deaths are in LTCs and among very elderly, very frail people who didn’t go to any outdoor gatherings.

        This is all widely available information but people are still droning on about masks and public events.


    2. I would take the 178 000 with a grain of salt. My friend’s mother has been a long time sufferer from MS. She was admitted to the hospital with kidney infection and was not responding to antibiotics. Of course they gave her the Covid test, which came back positive. She died soon after. The cause of death is stated as Covid and she is part of the stats. And I’ve seen comments from people stating the same. I’m sure a good part of the stats is people dying with Covid, not of Covid.

      In the US, there is a financial incentive for hospitals if a patient insured with Medicare is treated for Covid. Given that they have lost a lot of income not offering other services for a while, I’m not surprised they are going for it.


  2. Question: As a US citizen, there are very few places I can travel now because of covid-19.

    Since you are a triple citizen US-Canadian-Ukraine (assuming you did not renounce your citizenships), can you go to Mexico? Or visit your sister in Canada? Can your sister visit you?

    Seriously, what’s going on in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador? It looks like people from Quebec cannot travel there.


    1. Theoretically, yes, I could go to Canada at any time. Practically, however, I can’t. My university requires a two-week quarantine after travel. I teach f2f so I can’t do a quarantine. Plus, I can’t be out of the office for two weeks.

      As a result, we are missing my brother-in-law’s fiftieth birthday celebration, which is very painful.

      My sister is taking her kid’s school to court for the Anti-COVID measures that contradict provincial regulations. Her business was destroyed, their livelihood was wiped out, and now their kid is being endangered by ridiculous mask mandates that contradict what the government mandates. The anger is real. She’s still a huge Democrat supporter but I think it’s getting close for her to #WalkAway.


    2. ” what’s going on in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador? ”

      Short answer: The world scoffed at Holy Prophet Greta and now the PTB are using covid to enforce her divine dictates, it’s even worse in Australia (which is not, however, stopping the government from brining in Chinese students).

      The travel/tourism industry in Europe is being absolutely devastated which is a huge blow to countries like Greece, Italy and Spain where it was one of (if not the only) efficient industry. The EU response to this is mostly loans of the type that have already destroyed the southern economies…

      It’s Greta’s world now, you’re just living in it.


      1. How did this little shit gain so much influence? She is just a trained monkey that repeats what grown ups told her. There is nothing exceptional about her. I can’t stand 10 seconds of her whining, and people put it on high volume and clap to that?


        1. // How did this little shit gain so much influence?

          Have you read about Greta’s parents’ backgrounds? They made an effort to market their daughter when an opportunity came. Since Greta’s message was embraced by the elites and some others, it was given a stage.

          She is still not an adult, so I wouldn’t call her sh–.

          Besides, if global warming is real, her message shouldn’t be utterly discarded.


          1. “if global warming is real”

            If it’s real then we’re all screwed because nothing people can do (starting now) can change it. It would have had to begin decades ago.
            I won’t call her a sh1t because she’s obviously… unwell and being used by rapaciously greedy parents.
            And it’s not her personal fault that the plutocrats (generally enraged at the idea of hoi polloi being able to travel and enjoy life) support the nutty ideas she repeats.


          2. Sorry if I stroke a chord using the “little s.” idiom. Where I live it’s used to describe an extremely annoying adolescent person. It isn’t that offensive.

            I for one don’t dismiss the possibility that we are in the midst of climate crisis. But I want to listen to a rational discussion and feasible ways to help it. Can’t take the hysterics.


            1. “climate crisis”

              Climate girl (as I usually call her) and her proposals have nothing to do with climate – it’s all about trying to get people to accept lowered living standards though austerity for the benefit of the ruling classes.

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  3. Today I watched Tucker and this part did stand out (in a bad way):

    “Why do we have police? We hire cops to clean up the messes the rest of us create. People don’t get married before they have kids and the fatherless sons turn violent. Or when big business offshores blue-collar jobs and entire communities collapse. It is police that deal with the consequences.”

    For personal and obvious reasons, talking of fatherless kids as inferior / damaged isn’t a huge hit with me.

    Also, notice the racist dog whistle in those few sentences. Personal failings account for violence in black communities, while whites are victims of big business.

    Did you notice it too?


    1. I am so sick of conservatives harping on having kids before or without getting married.

      It’s not like people’s lives are going well, they’re on the upward track, and then they decide to just conceive with random strangers. Or if people’s lives are a disaster, they would be magically fixed by getting married to each other. Or, if your life is a disaster, you could easily find someone whose life is going well to marry you.

      To oversimplify, if you’re young, poor and otherwise disadvantaged and don’t have much hope of your situation improving, you won’t have much more to offer your kids if you have them in 10 years instead of now. In fact, it makes more sense to have them now, as you’ll have more energy to take care of them and will be healthy for a larger part of their lives.


      1. I know that you absolutely didn’t mean it this way but this is a particularly bad moment in the year to remind me of the dangers of late pregnancy.

        Maybe let’s all collectively stay off the topic for a couple of weeks.


    2. OK, let’s agree that the racial angle is one you are reading into it. The collapse of white working class families is well-documented. It was studied by Charles Murray and JD Vance wrote a poignant personal account about it. And black workers are first in line to get displaced by cheap foreign labor.

      As for your situation, you know, my sister never married the father of her children. They are both extremely educated very successful people. It would be very dishonest to equate their situation with that of a woman who has 3 kids by 3 different dads and is living with guy #4. By saying, well, look at this very privileged exception. It must mean the problem doesn’t exist, we deny reality.


      1. I’m so sorry about what I said earlier.

        What you say about your sister highlights exactly what I mean. It’s not about marriage per se. If the hypothetical woman with the children from 3 different (presumably deadbeat) dads, married and divorced each one of them in succession, the situation wouldn’t be any different.

        But Tucker effectively saying “some people shouldn’t have kids” wouldn’t go over well.


        1. The idea isn’t to marry every guy you meet but to form stable families. And I agree that people who are unwilling or unable to do that should use contraception. I don’t think it’s a controversial idea. Obviously, nobody can prohibit people from treating children like accessories but we don’t need to applaud it either.


  4. In the last months we have been talking a lot about fear of voicing political opinions.

    With the current US events, I tried to understand America better and reread Tuvia Tenenbom’s “The Lies They Tell” (2017) describing his 6 month journey across America as Trump was winning presidential debates, Germany was receiving refugees and Greece was being pushed into austerity. Tuvia dined with millionaires and talked with the poorest from the ‘Red Zone’ of the district Obama represented in the beginning of his political career.

    The greatest surprise was that fear is one of the central themes of this book. I’ve completely forgotten it. Practically every person – not only officials – is reluctant to say whom they supported in the last elections, or even whether they are Red or Blue. Many tell one thing at the start, but after feeling comfortable with Tuvia say the opposite.

    If nothing else, the book is very funny. Would’ve been interesting to find out what people who live in America think of it. His book about Israel is quite accurate. One of the biggest differences lies in Israeli politicians (and iirc people in general) not being afraid to talk to him and say what they think.


  5. Now I just watched another clip and discovered Tucker supports Victor Davis Hanson’s claims that the rioters on the streets are “shock troops of Bernie Sanders” which whom Biden made “a devil’s bargain.” What?!!!

    I’ve received the impression Bernie Sanders showed integrity for decades. I do not think he’s a complete fool OR that he sees looters as his troops or his kind of people.

    // OK, let’s agree that the racial angle is one you are reading into it. The collapse of white working class families … black workers are first in line to get displaced by cheap foreign labor.

    If one looks closely at the text, it’s clear that the phrasing differentiates between those 2 situations / kinds of people.

    Also, political speeches have to account a country’s history, its politics and widespread associations.


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