Trouble at a Reeducation Camp

If you want to know what happened after the people who design our nukes were put into a reeducation camp, please read the following account. Apparently, one of the reeducated decided to rebel.

2 thoughts on “Trouble at a Reeducation Camp”

  1. I’ve been trying to follow the Sandia Labs stuff, but somehow I missed this one! This particular workplace is of huge interest to me – I grew up just outside Albuquerque and my dad worked for Sandia Labs for 40 years. He says there was not even a hint of ANY of this woke garbage going on during his entire tenure. They forced him to take retirement at 68, 6 years ago.

    6 YEARS! I am just flabbergasted by how fast this nonsense has taken over, especially at a place like Sandia. Is it possible that there have been “closet leftists” in these places for decades, just biding their time until the climate was safe for them to reveal their true colors? Or did Sandia get caught up in their own version of affirmative action and in doing so, unknowingly court and bring in the executives that would push this stuff onto the rest of the workforce?

    The only thing that doesn’t surprise me is the pushback. The vast majority of the Labs employees – at least in the large community of them I spent most of my life with – are hard-working, no-nonsense, and trend heavily conservative. They always considered the pushy woke stuff the sole domain of the hippy-dippy communes in Santa Fe (which are still just a small part of the larger Santa Fe population).

    (Fun story – the entire time we were growing up, he never told us much about his job, so when friends at school would ask what our dad did, we only had the lame story he always told us – “he works with machines that make thin shavings of metals.” – which was as boring to us as it was to our friends. I’d been out of high school for 15 years before I discovered that my dad was actually a nuclear weapons specialist. Clearly one who had forgotten how cool it is to a third grader in the 80’s to be able to brag that her dad is a bomb-designer. Perhaps a little less so these days.)

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