Vive PQ!

Every time I hear about the eminently reasonable, hysteria-free, undauntedly rational response of Quebec’s leadership to COVID, I run around yelling, “Vive Quebec libre!”

Recent events have turned me into a Quebecois separatist Trump supporter.

I couldn’t be more stunned if I sprouted wings.

5 thoughts on “Vive PQ!”

  1. Separatism has been a dead parrot in Quebec for quite some time now – caquistes are not péquistes, thank God.

    And, Quebec certainly messed up with COVID and the nursing homes so there’s plenty of criticism to go round there.

    But Quebec Premier Legault has fired some big cannons concerning the differing attitudes of francophones and anglophones in the province – francophones are considerably less paranoid of catching COVID than anglophones.

    Legault suggests that this is explained by anglophones watching way too much CNN (!!) and the anglo media in the province reflexively mirroring COVID-alarmist anti-Trump mainstream media in the U.S. Straying so far off the approved script has caused considerable tut-tuting and nervous hand-wringing amongst Quebec’s woke anglophone establishment and big media. Canadians who live outside Quebec are missing all this delicious fun in la belle province as their press doesn’t like to give oxygen to COVID stories that question their Henny Penny narrative.


      1. Here’s another reason to like Quebec Premier Legault.

        Yesterday, in broad daylight in downtown Montreal, a ragtag mob of 200 ‘defund the police’ wannabe anarchists destroyed a statue of Canada’s first prime minister (aka the biggest ever racist in the world who schooled evil Nazis before there were Nazis) while the police looked on and made no arrests. Legault’s reaction – “Le vandalisme n’a pas sa place dans notre démocratie et la statue doit être restaurée.”

        Oh, and btw how does the Canadian Press news service report this story?? – “The incident came at the end of a peaceful protest…” (woke for breakfast, lunch and dinner)


          1. “such accommodating wusses”

            I appreciate your point but I’m afraid it’s all relative. I’d be more impressed to see some discipline being meted out to whoever was responsible for the failure of the police to intervene along with criminal charges for some of the “peaceful protesters” – not holding my breath.


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