Zoom Away

One gigantic win for the RNC is that it never looked like a Zoom call.

How is it possible that the DNC organizers don’t realize that people are exhausted by Zoom?

Has anybody honestly met a person who, at the end of the day, is eager to turn on the TV and watch other people have Zoom meetings?

This reminds me of the old Soviet joke about a tired gynecologist who beat up a woman for offering to show him her genitals in exchange for 3 roubles as he walked home from work.

5 thoughts on “Zoom Away”

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call you a “pro-Bernie blogger” at this point (I mentioned to him that you supported Bernie in the primary) but you’re getting some attention on twitter!


    1. I think it was just misguided. Democrats thought that they can’t flaunt something decent while the society is in lockdown. Let’s show solidarity! For the same reason they heavily featured the face masks. Except people don’t want solidarity in suffering, they want this nonsense to end.


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