Former Existential Threats

Remember the impeachment?

Remember “climate change is an existential threat”?

Remember Trump’s phone call with Zelensky?

Remember Vindman?

This was all quite recent. Not even a year ago this stuff was all we heard about. And now nobody cares.

All of these “existential threats” to democracy and life on Earth 🌎 mysteriously faded away as soon as new, fresh plots were developed.

On the positive side, everybody who is not an amnesiac now yawns whenever the words “existential threat” crop up.

4 thoughts on “Former Existential Threats”

    1. Climate change made civilized human life feasible in North America. The glacial maximum of the last ice age went as far south as 37 degrees. A mere 10,000 years ago my house would have been buried under 100 metres of inland glacial ocean. Thank God (or your lucky stars) that you are fortunate enough to be living in an interglacial period of warming! Al Gore and his army of scammers can kiss my…


  1. “On the positive side, everyone who is not an amnesiac now yawns whenever ‘existential threat’ is mentioned” …

    Don’t we look forward to the day when we can look back at this pan(ic)dema and the overkill procedures that are being instilled by government, authority—and medical experts—and “shake our heads” when “recalling this point in time”.


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