My husband is so frugal, he washes his single-use masks with the laundry.

He must really love me to live with somebody so very very. . . not frugal.

One thought on “Opposites”

  1. // he washes his single-use masks with the laundry.

    The effectiveness is zero after that. Why not buy 1-2 not single-use mask? Btw, a mask he would like could’ve been a nice present to him.

    Just read a longish but very good article about teaching kids to read that may explain why many US kids struggle with reading. Instead of teaching children phonics, as supported by latest serious research, children are taught “whole language,” reading whole words without breaking them into parts. As a compromise, “in balanced literacy, phonics is treated a bit like salt on a meal: a little here and there, but not too much, because it could be bad for you.”

    I think I was taught via phonics method in Russian, while my brother in Israel brought home slips of paper with words on them which first-graders had to learn to recognize by sight. How will you teach Klara to read?

    If nothing else, this graph from the article should be published everywhere:

    The article asks “Why aren’t kids being taught to read?”
    Another relevant question is “Why aren’t teachers being taught to teach?”

    Do future Spanish teachers in your program learn (how to teach) Spanish phonics?

    I still don’t know how to pronounce many words in English unless I heard them pronounced, so would benefit from it too.

    // Hard Words
    Why aren’t kids being taught to read?


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