Regarding the murder of Jay Bishop in Portland, this is what Biden had to say:

The deadly violence we saw overnight in Portland is unacceptable. Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable.

I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right. And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same.

This is beyond cynical. The “deadly violence in Portland” wasn’t perpetrated by “anyone, whether on the left or the right.” Every victim of Portland’s riots has been assassinated by Joe Biden’s supporters. And he hasn’t found it in himself to name them and ask them to stop.

If it were possible for me to be any more disgusted with Burisma Joe, I would be but my limit was reached a long time ago.

How’s Your Health?

A man was murdered in Portland last night apparently for no other reason than wearing a hat that the peaceful protesters disliked. The video footage shows him walking calmly, not getting into any scuffles when he got coldly assassinated.

Let’s sit around and wait for a wave of outrage about yet another murder committed by peaceful protesters. I hope everybody here is in great health because we might have to wait for many years.

I Quit Writing

A completely random quote from Clive James. This one is about Fidel Castro’s speeches:

Offshore admirers of Castro’s putative intellectual vitality are fond of explaining how the people of Cuba—happy, salsa-dancing folk whose simple minds can be read from long range—find his oratorical powers endlessly entertaining, but the emphasis should be on the endlessly, not the entertaining. A sceptic might note that Castro’s supposedly spellbinding effect presupposes the absence of other forms of verbal entertainment, and indeed the absence of a substantial part of the Cuban population.

Not only is this completely true but it’s so well-written that I want to give up writing altogether.

The Power to Bore

More Clive James. This is from a chapter on Albert Camus:

Camus was among the first—almost as early as Orwell—to realize that the totalitarian overlord’s power to bore was a cherished and necessary component of his repressive apparatus. Droning on without contradiction was a proof of omnipotence, Stalin had already proved it with his grinding speeches to the Presidium: speeches which had to be applauded at the end of each bromide, and for which the applause at the end had to be endless.

There’s no greater power than the power to bore and force the victims to feign interest. That’s precisely why the endless woke communiques we are getting at work are so soporific.

On the other hand, the attention you get from people who don’t have to give it is precious. Thank you for reading!


Only 6% of US COVID deaths list COVID as the only cause.

The rest have up to five other causes, including cancer, suicide, gunshot wounds, dementia, kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, and so on and on). The average COVID death certificate lists 2,6 causes of death.

At least 5,000 COVID deaths in the US have accidental injury or poisoning listed as primary cause of death.

This is all per the CDC data.