The Life of a Killer

I highly recommend this long and fascinating profile of Michael Reinoehl, the Portland assassin. (That is, the most recent Portland assassin. It’s getting hard to keep track).

The article paints a great picture of the type of individual these riots are attracting. It also demonstrates that this tragedy could have been prevented if the killer had been prosecuted for his earlier offenses.

12 thoughts on “The Life of a Killer”

  1. You’re obviously watching the wrong news channels. According to the hosts on CNN and MSNBC tonight, the only “assassin” during any of the recent protests is the 17-year-old minor who “committed murder” by shooting three “unarmed protesters” in Wisconsin.

    Of course, neither channel showed the video tape of the incident (displayed only on Fox News). In the tape, one of the “unarmed protesters” is carrying a semi-automatic pistol, and another “unarmed protester” is trying to hit the minor over the head with a skateboard after the boy has been knocked to the ground. They were “heroically trying to disarm him.”

    When I first started reading Clarissa’s website several years ago, I could recognize intellectually her descriptions of living in a Communist country where all public information was laughable political propaganda, but the experience was totally foreign to me.

    Now when I flip through the various television news channels and Internet news websites — each one with a competing version of “Black is white” versus “White is black” — I feel like I’m caught in an endless loop of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

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    1. Yeah… It’s totally like Soviet propaganda but more primitive. Our propaganda at least tried to take us seriously and be more nuanced. The kind of crap shown on TV here, even the dumbest Soviet alcoholic wouldn’t believe.


    1. // Don’t agree with everything here (don’t think Trump is to the right of Bush, at least not the way I define it.) But largely solid argument.

      Demotrash, thanks for the link. Added the blog to my favorites. The author looks like a decent, thinking young man.


  2. At this point it seems pretty clear that Trump is not stopping the riots because he thinks violence in the streets will help his re-election. It makes his appeal to people’s fear more effective.

    Remember how he wanted to deploy the military to stop this? Lots of people told him it was a bad idea, so he backed off. But people have said that about many of the other things he wanted to do, and he completely disregarded their advice and went ahead (e.g. the travel ban that left people stranded in airports near the beginning of his presidency, trying to get money for the wall from the military budget when Congress wouldn’t appropriate it, etc.)


      1. It’s not about what I think, it’s about what he thinks.

        Since the local governments aren’t stopping the violence, using the Insurrection Act to send the military into the cities is an option available to him. Why hasn’t he taken it?


          1. I’ve thought about it, and I honestly don’t know. My initial reaction is to adopt the standard liberal position of “it’s bad to have soldiers on our streets, defending against our fellow citizens”. But then I think of small business owners whose businesses have been looted, of people living in those neighborhoods, and think that the violence needs to be stopped by any possible means.

            It would probably be better to have actual soldiers in the streets than armed militia types.

            So, I guess I’m leaning towards Trump using the Insurrection Act.

            As for him being an authoritarian – he’s a wanna-be one. He hasn’t accomplished many of the things you’ve mentioned because of his stupidity, laziness, impulsivity, inability to delay gratification, and other weaknesses. He certainly tried with the wall, like I mentioned. He tried with the citizenship question on the census.


            1. I think you are confusing “tried” with “tweeted about.” I have noticed zero actual trying with the wall or with absolutely anything in the MAGA list. In this logic, regularly tweeting “law and order!” is equal to trying to end the riots.

              The reason why nobody can stop the riots is, as I keep saying, the riots have legitimacy and their opponents don’t. This is so far beyond Trump or Biden that it’s a waste if time even to mention them in this context. We have a much much bigger problem on our hands than any individual or any political party.


        1. As for the question of why hasn’t he, to anybody who is observing the Trump presidency without deep emotional investment it is clear that he’s a weak leader and a people-pleaser who will never do anything that requires an extremely strong will and a capacity to go against everybody. As you might have noticed, no wall has been built. There’s been no executive order on birth tourism. There have been no limits on mass migration at all. I could go on but I hope I don’t and it’s obvious at this point that he’s an authoritarian like I’m a victim of anorexia.


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