Political differences are nothing. Try living with a person with a completely different thermoregulation. That’s seriously hard.

Before we had a kid, N would always go to a conference in his field in February. I’d immediately turn off the heating and open all windows for the duration of the conference. My optimal indoor temperature is 62°F year round. His is 75°F. We meet in the middle but it’s not easy.

Klara is actually closer to my thermoregulation than his. It’s impossible to get her to go outside if it’s anything above 75°F.

I’m writing all this because I’ve been feeling like crap all day and only now realized that my husband sneakily turned off the AC for the first time since April.


Last week, a BLM organizer accelerated her car into a group of Trump supporters, seriously injuring several and driving over a woman’s head.

No, really.

Now please compare the coverage of these events and the identical ones that took place in Charlottesville several years ago.

Yeah, I know, which coverage?

This is actually one of quite a few cases where BLMers physically attack, accelerate into, or murder Trump supporters. How many of them were mentioned in yesterday’s debate?

The answer is zero.

Are We That Dumb?

In a new ad (that I saw with my own eyes 3 seconds ago), Biden accuses the 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of being a white supremacist. Apparently, there haven’t been enough teenagers yet whom Democrats have libelously accused of ridiculous things.

The ad itself ascribes the riotous violence of recent months to “white supremacists” as if we all were complete idiots who are incapable of noticing that the rioters have been exclusively on the Dem side.

Or are we complete idiots? Biden’s strategy is to milk the non-existent white supremacist threat and the almost non-existent COVID threat. Are we going to accept this in lieu of actual policy suggestions? Are we that dumb?

Let’s find out on November 3. Or whenever we’ll be allowed to know the results.

Post-Debate Thoughts

Here’s what I want:

  1. An immediate end to all lockdowns.
  2. An immediate reopening of all schools.
  3. An immediate end to all mask mandates. People who are nervous should absolutely self-isolate, home-school and / or wear masks. It’s the mandates, not the actual self-isolation and mask-wearing that I oppose.
  4. A swift and complete repudiation of the BLM and the “defund the police” rhetoric.
  5. No new wars.
  6. Withdrawal of troops.
  7. More peace deals in the Middle East.
  8. Abolishing the carried interest tax loophole.
  9. An immediate end to all ideological indoctrination in any institution that receives federal funding.
  10. A break-up of Facebook.
  11. Mandatory E-verify to end worker exploitation.
  12. Strong legislation that makes it impossible for social media to censor or impose ideology.
  13. An abolition of birth tourism.
  14. The wall.
  15. Ending the habit of messing with Latin America, including in the form of sucking out all of the most productive and entrepreneurial parts of labor through illegal immigration.
  16. An end to the “existential threat” rhetoric.
  17. Retaining the child tax credit from the Trump tax cuts.

Obviously, I won’t get all of this from either candidate. But it’s clear which one at least somewhat goes in that direction and which is going in the opposite one.

Positive Outcome

I really hope that after last night’s debate the ridiculous idea that Fox News is pro-Trump will finally die. They chose the most anti-Trump guy on the network to moderate. Not only that but he delivered every liberal lie as gospel truth and used questions to editorialize.

The only way to make it more blatant would be to ask, “Mr Trump, as a Russian spy and a genocidal Nazi, what is your opinion on the slaughter of little kitties you are constantly perpetrating?”

Political Division in My Family

I explained to my 4-year-old that I have to watch a debate and can’t be disturbed.

She had a lot of questions, so I told her that there’s an election coming up. I explained what an election is. I said we will be voting for the president and whoever gets the most votes wins. I also said that there are two people who want to be president. They are both very nice people but we have to decide which one is a little better.

“What are their names?” she asked.

“Donald and Joe,” I said.

“Vote for Joe, Mommy,” she said. “You are voting for Joe, right?”

And thus it begins.

Temperamental Differences

For people who thought the debate was chaotic, loud and confusing, this is how Ukrainians sound when we talk about the weather. And it’s not because we care about the weather. It’s because anything less intense doesn’t hold our attention.

The reaction I always get when I say this is, “But then how can you and N possibly live together??”

Different Expectations

One sad observation is this. If I tell my Democrat acquaintances tomorrow that I think Trump did great on the debate and I’m voting for him, they’ll just freeze me out and pretend I don’t exist for the foreseeable future.

But if I tell my Republican acquaintances tomorrow that I think Biden did great on the debate and I’m voting for him, the response will be, “ah, interesting! Which policy ideas did you find convincing? Why? Wanna go have lunch and talk about it?”

And it’s not because the latter are better than the former or anything like that. It’s because Democrats believe that their position is morally superior. It’s the issue not of politics but of morality. And nobody wants to compromise on morality.