Panic Booking

I wanted to book some massages but they are expensive af.

Then I attended a meeting with colleagues where people gleefully narrated all the reasons why we urgently need another lockdown. I panicked and booked every beauty service I could think of.

What if they do get their wish and there is another lockdown? Imagine sitting at home, staring at the wall and thinking, “I so should have booked that massage while they still existed…”


I’m so middle-aged. I joined a book club (because I don’t read enough books or talk about enough books, apparently) and in the very first discussion I was super-interested in all the questions except the one about the characters’ romantic lives. The moment people started discussing who’s in love with whom, I drifted away and started browsing blowout bars online. As soon as that part of the debate ended, I plugged back in.

Wokesterism Explained

So remember the friend who suddenly went full-on wokesteroid to the point where I started avoiding her? And people on the blog said she must have something going on in her personal life that I don’t know about. I didn’t believe it because we practically live in each other’s pockets, so how could I not know?

But then I discovered that I was wrong and the readers were right. The friend has a clusterfuck of horribleness going on. Finally, she decided to share. We had a long, very good talk and wokester stuff didn’t come up at all. I’m now thinking that the wokester thing was her way of sharing her sadness without referring to what was actually causing it.

Thank you, everybody. A beautiful friendship has been saved because I stuck with it and drew out the information about what was going on. Without your advice, I wouldn’t have persisted with the endless questions of, “are you sure there’s nothing else? Is there anything at all going on? Anything?”

All You Need to Know About Automation

The future of working from home: Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote-controlled robot staff 😮🤖”Model-T is remote controlled by a human equipped with a VR set using their ‘Augmented Workforce Platform.'”Source:

The screenshot doesn’t fully transmit it. I suggest watching the video at the link.

Endless quarantines, amirite?

The End of Ed

Some people dislike ‘Latinx’ as a new word. But at some point in human history there were no words. Now there are words. Someone invented them. This process continues.

No, this idiotic quote isn’t from the collected works of Cardi B. It’s from Chronicles of Higher Ed. Somebody who, I assume, received some form of education wrote this. And the professional publication of people in higher ed thought it was valuable enough to publish.