All You Need to Know About Automation

The future of working from home: Japanese convenience store chain begins testing remote-controlled robot staff 😮🤖”Model-T is remote controlled by a human equipped with a VR set using their ‘Augmented Workforce Platform.'”Source:

The screenshot doesn’t fully transmit it. I suggest watching the video at the link.

Endless quarantines, amirite?

15 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Automation”

  1. // Endless quarantines, amirite?

    The problem with your question is that this looks like our future whether we have any viruses or not.

    Covid-19 has just hastened the inevitable the tiniest bit, nothing more.

    PaulS is right about many people from third world countries being happy to do similar jobs for $1 an hour (or less), and we are not likely to have worldwide government protecting all people. That’s why the tech developments look very frightening to me.

    I am afraid the potential is going to be used for exploiting and leaving people behind, cut off from the great benefits new technologies are capable of bringing to all humanity. Instead, the tiniest group of the lucky few may use them, while the rest may have worse standard of living than now.

    Am I too pessimistic? It just looks like something totally new for humanity in a way the horrible WW1 and WW2 were not.


    1. Don’t worry, it’s all a card-house based on the endless availability of rare-earth metals and cheap fossil-fuel energy.

      Oil production peaked a decade ago. The idea that you can support all this crap with renewables is a complete fantasy.


      1. Luckily China is building nukes so cheap manufacturing isn’t going to end any time soon. (And ships can also be powered by nukes so don’t talk about fossils being needed for transport.)

        Don’t pay too much attention to holier than though Euro ecowarriors. (Name one European tech company.)


        1. And then you only have to maintain your civilization, with the tech and knowledge to deal with nuclear waste, for what? A few thousand years? Our descendants are gonna love that inheritance. It’ll all be worth it so we can keep shipping plastic Disney-licensed sandwich crust-cutters from China…


    2. You are telling me? I’ve only been screeching about this for years.

      I talked to the president of my university system yesterday. We have two universities in our system located at a five-hour drive from each other. Do you know what he’s doing? He’s teaching a course on Zoom to both campuses at once. The next step is to say, hey, we are teaching on Zoom anyway so who needs two departments of Spanish when we can have one and it will teach to both schools at once? This isn’t my fantasy. I talked to the guy yesterday. This is exactly what was going to happen after the majority of us chose to teach on Zoom and argued that it works great. But somehow this was obvious to everybody but me. Yes, it might have happened anyway one day. But because of our irrational fear of COVID it’s happening now and we have not a single argument against it.


        1. I meant it was obvious to nobody but me.

          People think I’m panic-mongering about this and there will be no long-term consequences to our embrace of online learning. And I’m getting tired of being scoffed at and told I’m exaggerating. So I’m keeping mostly silent.


  2. Btw, remote-controlled robot staff is the first stage. The next step will be a self-directed robot with no human supervision at all. The way shops look and work may be changed to accommodate the robots. Since there are huge profits in this for 0.000001 % of ultrarich, it’ll be done even if people will find it hard at first.

    Re policemen, I thought yesterday whether robot-policemen wouldn’t end up killing more people since costy robots would be given rights to protect themselves (profits of their producers) and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot according to their algorithms.


  3. My argument against it is there is no soul in robots. As a human, I need to interact with other humans who have a soul. I understand the super rich don’t care…


  4. That’s both relevant to this post, not entirely new, yet shocking. Has Zuboff written about it too?

    “Amazon is hiring ‘intelligence analysts’, who should work
    on ‘sensitive topics that are highly confidential, including labor organizing threats against the company’ and spy on ‘organized labor, activist groups, hostile political leaders’.”

    “In both cases, ‘preferred qualifications’ include:
    ‘Previous experience in Intelligence analysis and or watch officer skill set in the intelligence community, the military, law enforcement…'”

    In his post, Rod gives more disturbing info:

    Protecting The Oligarch Jeff Bezos


    1. As I’ve been saying, we will very soon see people’s book-buying information made public and / or used to extort and intimidate. And from my experience, “labor groups” will accept absolutely any assault on labor in exchange for something like this. My union has switched from pro-worker to full-on pro-woker.


  5. From comments to Rod’s post:

    “Amazon released a document that included info that they believe that ‘diverse’ workforces are less likely to unionize. That really gives a cynical spin to leftist identity politics, now doesn’t it? SJW Wokeism is just ‘divide and rule’ for the rich.”


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