Just This Once

In the 1990s, I saw how in Russia people who sincerely believed in democracy falsified an election. They thought they were saving democracy this way. They thought it was OK to do it just this once for a really good cause.

And yes, there were cynical operators, too, but I’m talking about good, sincere people who convinced themselves that it’s ok to cheat if something really important is at stake. And the fate of democracy seemed important enough.

It worked in the sense that they “won” the election. But there’s been nothing even remotely remotely resembling democracy in Russia since.

I’m repeating this boring story because the blueprint for stealing this election is openly available on Axios. And it’s for a very good cause which is to save democracy from a unique threat.

4 thoughts on “Just This Once”

  1. Did you see how Bloomberg is already trying to spin the election fraud, before we’ve even had the election? “Oh, it’s gonna be a landslide for Trump on election day, and then by the time we have all the mail ballots counted a week or two later, it’s gonna all turn blue!” Despite the fact that mail-in votes have never before changed the result called on election night. Because, you know, people who vote by mail aren’t that different, politically, from people who vote at the polls. If anything, they tend to skew a little right in a normal election, because of overseas military voting.

    “Red Mirage” my ass.

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  2. This election is going to get ugly, it will end in an ugly way and what follows it will also be ugly. You might need to return to the Great White North for your and your family’s safety


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