The guy who murdered a Trump supporter in Portland was conveniently killed by law enforcement today.

No Foreign Languages Allowed

People who teach languages, beware! If something you say in another language sounds like something offensive to English-speakers, you will be destroyed.

Nothing is allowed to exist anywhere in the world that’s not pleasing to the owners of the universe who happen to be Anglo.

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This is pathetic beyond words, people. This smug, stupid parochialism is very shameful.

Fair Warning

The warnings are coming fast and thick. Here’s one from WashPo:

I absolutely appreciated the honesty of their statement that Trump voters will accept a Biden landslide peacefully while Biden voters will get catastrophically violent in response to a Trump landslide.

Whether it’s a great idea to give in to such a volatile, violent crowd and reward it electorally for its attempts to terrorize us is an issue WashPo doesn’t discuss.

It’s really interesting that these warnings of “vote Biden or there will be violence” have intensified so openly and shamelessly once Trump started catching up in the polls. If the Brexit scenario is anything to go by, there’s no way the WashPo class accepts anything but a complete capitulation from the rest of us.

Intellect Defeats Ideology

OK, so remember that article I submitted for publication where the reviewer got very upset that I dared to criticize fluidity and globalization?

The reviewer wrote a mile-long essay saying that this is unconscionable and I must be a Brexit supporter who only cares about the grievances of “white cishet males.”

I wrote an even longer essay in response staying firm on my points and coming out even stronger against fluidity. I even put fluidity in the title to make completely sure everybody got it.

And guess what?

I won.

The article is coming out as is. My argument has convinced both editors and I didn’t have to cede an inch.

Uncomfortable Teaching

You know what’s uncomfortable?

Teaching about the Spanish Civil War.

Students shift uncomfortably in their seats, thinking I’m trying to make a political statement. I swear I’m not. The material is the same as always because there hasn’t been any new information about a war that started in 1936.

On the positive side, I’ve never had students pay such intense attention to this subject.


Is it true that it’s not OK to sign emails with “Best”? Because people think it means you are angry with them?

In Spanish I sign with “un abrazo” or “un abrazo fuertísimo” but English sign-offs confuse me.

I’m talking about work email, obviously. For personal email I do “Hugs” but that seems inappropriate for the work context.


Nancy Pelosi’s evisceration of a hairdressing salon is symbolic of the relationship between Democrats and the working class. Workers are easily and casually sacrificed and portrayed as villains by the party that seems hell-bent on destroying jobs.

Anybody with an ounce of decency would have said, “Please don’t blame the salon. It was all me, I made them break the rules and I’m sorry.” But standing up for the little guy – and almost everybody in this country is a little guy next to the extraordinarily powerful and rich Pelosi – doesn’t even occur to the party formerly known as the party of the working class. Workers are now an easy villain, and siccing crowds of real and virtual looters on them is an honorable pursuit.

People are still trying to appeal to outdated arguments that this is not OK. “But these are immigrants! You are destroying their livelihood! This is a single mother. This is an elderly couple. They are crying! You are making it impossible for them to work!”

The only response is derision because the very reason why these people are being persecuted is that their understanding of “work” and “livelihood” needs to be destroyed to make space for the new economy.

“This business has been here since 1911!” a man cries on the news. “It’s such a huge part of our history, our community. Why did it have to be destroyed?”

But that’s precisely why. History, community and attachment need to go. They are the enemy and the shock troops of neoliberalism (see previous posts) are out in full force against them.