Is it true that it’s not OK to sign emails with “Best”? Because people think it means you are angry with them?

In Spanish I sign with “un abrazo” or “un abrazo fuertísimo” but English sign-offs confuse me.

I’m talking about work email, obviously. For personal email I do “Hugs” but that seems inappropriate for the work context.

7 thoughts on “Best”

  1. ” Because people think it means you are angry with them?”

    Some people have so little problems they spend time thinking up ways to bother everyone else, let’s not pay any attention to them.

    I use ‘best’ at times (I think of it as an abbreviation of ‘all the best’) including some work related emails (certainly not all but some).
    Using Spanish as a guide, if I think of the person(s) in tu/vosotros terms I probably use ‘best’
    If I think of them in Usted/Ustedes terms then I use ‘sincerely’


  2. It’s not a problem that I’ve ever heard of. This sounds like someone is entertaining themselves by inventing things to be offended by.


  3. I caught a whiff of that on Twitter. It is total bullshit. Signing off with “Fuck you” or “Burn in hell” is hostile; “Best” is decidedly not. People who are itching to get butt-hurt will do so regardless of what you do or don’t do. I personally think “Regards” is cold and aloof, and “Sincerely” is super formal, but I’m not going to inflict my personal insecurities on people over perfectly civil sign-offs.

    I say “Best wishes” or just “Best” when I’m being friendly, otherwise, I say “Best regards” or “Sincerely.” When I am cloyingly cheerful & informal will I sign off with “Cheers.”

    With people I write to often (my grad students, for example), I often omit salutation, signoff, and/or subject. When you have a direct line to someone, you can dispense with the frills.


  4. I thought “All the best” was a fun variation when I first encountered it, and “Best” a good abbreviation of it. Now I think the former is overused, and the latter is too lazy/offhand. So I’ve reverted to old school business, like the commenter above.


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