The guy who murdered a Trump supporter in Portland was conveniently killed by law enforcement today.

19 thoughts on “Convenient”

  1. Yet another needless fatality that is the direct responsibility of the wicked state and local authorities who have deliberately chosen not to take the measures necessary to preserve social peace in their jurisdictions.


    1. Exactly. It’s so easy now to pretend that he was some isolated crank. The interview in Vice really helps to portray him like a crazy guy who just flipped for no reason.


    1. “Killed by a hit squad”

      I’d guessed that before hearing anything else about the case. Then the question is which side has more to gain from him disappearing, the side that would want to prosecute him or the one that doesn’t want people talking about thugs shooting people in ‘mostly peaceful’ riots?


      1. I’m biased, but I’d say the side that doesn’t want people talking. I badly wanted him to stand trial, and spill his guts about who’s paying and equipping rioters, who was with him the night he killed Danielson… so many interesting things could have come out of that investigation.

        But if that’s the case, how’d they get so many law enforcement officers in on it?


        1. “I badly wanted him to stand trial, and spill his guts about who’s paying and equipping rioters”

          In his case…. he was a low level thug and general thorn in the side of everyone who knew him, I don’t think they needed to pay him…. but a trial would have been very bad PR for Biden’s “mostly peaceful” campaign….. and now no trial or anything nothing to see or talk about here….


      2. I’m one of the protestors you call rioters and that some of you believe are being paid and equipped. There are different organizations that do have funding for water, first aid, food, and some things like that and they include the NAACP, BLM, DSA, some student organizations at my university, on a few other of those kinds of suspects.

        It doesn’t benefit me that this happened, because police / extrajudicial killings are what I am against. I cannot see where a “benefit” would lie in this.


        1. “It doesn’t benefit me that this happened”

          It benefits the democratic party. It benefits Joe Biden (or more specifically his handlers since he would no more be acting president than the chair he would sit on in the oval office would be).

          Protests are about specific demands addressed to people who have the ability to meet them. And there’s mostly no need for them to happen at night. What’s happening in Belarus are protests (and all the violence is coming from the government). Screaming at people in restaurants is not any kind of protest.

          What specific demands are your groups making? Who are they addressed to?

          Demonstrations are more


        2. //I’m one of the protestors you call rioters//

          Really? You flew into DC and stayed in a nice hotel on someone else’s dime, for the RNC, so you could scream vulgarities and rape threats at the attendees? You’ve been intimidating people into gestures of solidarity while they tried to eat? You’ve been setting fire to buildings and throwing excrement at policemen? Beating people in the streets? Breaking windows and looting? That’s horrifying!

          Because, you know, I do differentiate between protesters and rioters: protesters are people who get out, march, chant, hold signs, etc. in order to bring attention to an injustice, or try to gain support for a needed change. Rioters are people who use a cause (usually someone else’s cause) as an excuse to threaten, harrass, and assault people, stalk and shoot opponents in the street, damage property, commit arson, march through residential neighborhoods in the middle of the night shouting to keep people awake, and interfere with the lawful actions of police and emergency responders.

          Please don’t tell me that all these “protesters” are innocent pursuers of justice, who just happen to have enough free time and $$$ to fly and hire tour buses to attend protests all over the country. I wasn’t born yesterday.


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