Fair Warning

The warnings are coming fast and thick. Here’s one from WashPo:

I absolutely appreciated the honesty of their statement that Trump voters will accept a Biden landslide peacefully while Biden voters will get catastrophically violent in response to a Trump landslide.

Whether it’s a great idea to give in to such a volatile, violent crowd and reward it electorally for its attempts to terrorize us is an issue WashPo doesn’t discuss.

It’s really interesting that these warnings of “vote Biden or there will be violence” have intensified so openly and shamelessly once Trump started catching up in the polls. If the Brexit scenario is anything to go by, there’s no way the WashPo class accepts anything but a complete capitulation from the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “Fair Warning”

  1. A tactic from Rod’s comments to be both anti-woke and not labeled a racist:

    // What I say to my liberal acquaintances now, which has tended to shut them up, is that historic racism is a serious problem and that there are other ways than critical race theory to approach these problems. I then rattle off the name of a dozen Black scholars and intellectuals who challenge critical race theory as a dangerous, counterproductive ideology. Liberal white people are trained not to dismiss a whole group of educated Black people as “Uncle Toms,” so they just shut up and try to change the subject. It works wonders. You can’t just refer to one intellectual–you’ve got to rattle off a range of these scholars so they can’t do the isolated-Uncle-Tom maneuver. There’s the new Equaino Project in the UK too, which you can throw in for good measure. What are they going to do–tell you that all of these Black tenured faculty are lying about their experience while they the white people know better? They can scream at cops, but they can’t silence an entire panel of them. Bret Weinstein’s panel interview from six weeks ago is turning into a classic, I’ve found, for shattering some illusions.


  2. Classic mafia tactics…
    Sender: DNC
    surface message: BLM and/or antifa riots and looting (and media ‘coverage’ as ‘mostly peaceful’)
    meta-message: See what happens when we’re not happy? Now…. imagine what will happen if we’re really mad….. you might want to vote for Joe…. shame to think of what might happen if you don’t…..

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  3. I don’t see any polling data that suggests a Trump landslide is likely, much less the fallout from it. It’s possible of course, but I think the more active worry is an outcome that’s close enough to be contestable (and will be from either side), or a repeat of the 2000 election, but with much more rancor and distrust on both sides.


  4. Now lets all all go Amazon and get stuff so that we can stay for a couple of weeks after the election barricaded in our homes. Besos knows how good lock downs are for his business and this time people will even do it voluntarily.

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