Intellect Defeats Ideology

OK, so remember that article I submitted for publication where the reviewer got very upset that I dared to criticize fluidity and globalization?

The reviewer wrote a mile-long essay saying that this is unconscionable and I must be a Brexit supporter who only cares about the grievances of “white cishet males.”

I wrote an even longer essay in response staying firm on my points and coming out even stronger against fluidity. I even put fluidity in the title to make completely sure everybody got it.

And guess what?

I won.

The article is coming out as is. My argument has convinced both editors and I didn’t have to cede an inch.

3 thoughts on “Intellect Defeats Ideology”

  1. OT (but not really) Terrible news, David Graeber (he of “bullshit jobs”)* has died…..

    To be honest though, at this stage bullshit jobs seems like an improvement on the plans the Democrats have (oligarchs tossing coins to the peasantry and competing to see who can coax the peasants into giving more of them back – imagine a person throwing breadcrumbs to pigeons so the pigeons can regurgitate them back in their lap)



  2. Would not Spanish experts understand it too? Sounds interesting.

    Saw interesting info regarding the scope of anti-Covid protests in EU (in Russian), including Germany. The post with photos is here and it does look as if the authorities are hiding something. People in US complain about the biased media, but it looks like a worldwide phenomenon.


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