Nancy Pelosi’s evisceration of a hairdressing salon is symbolic of the relationship between Democrats and the working class. Workers are easily and casually sacrificed and portrayed as villains by the party that seems hell-bent on destroying jobs.

Anybody with an ounce of decency would have said, “Please don’t blame the salon. It was all me, I made them break the rules and I’m sorry.” But standing up for the little guy – and almost everybody in this country is a little guy next to the extraordinarily powerful and rich Pelosi – doesn’t even occur to the party formerly known as the party of the working class. Workers are now an easy villain, and siccing crowds of real and virtual looters on them is an honorable pursuit.

People are still trying to appeal to outdated arguments that this is not OK. “But these are immigrants! You are destroying their livelihood! This is a single mother. This is an elderly couple. They are crying! You are making it impossible for them to work!”

The only response is derision because the very reason why these people are being persecuted is that their understanding of “work” and “livelihood” needs to be destroyed to make space for the new economy.

“This business has been here since 1911!” a man cries on the news. “It’s such a huge part of our history, our community. Why did it have to be destroyed?”

But that’s precisely why. History, community and attachment need to go. They are the enemy and the shock troops of neoliberalism (see previous posts) are out in full force against them.

One thought on “Sacrificed”

  1. “History, community and attachment need to go”

    That explains 80-90 % of…. everything right now. Anyone thinking that a Biden administration would do anything but hasten the destruction of small businesses, class consciousness and heighten and exploit racial and regional divisions is….. not well, just…. not well.

    Trump’s a dud in terms of actually doing anything to further the agenda he was elected on (partly because he’s surrounded by the same people who want to destroy history and community (in a very slightly different way). But at this stage a dud seems a lot better than neutron bomb….

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