Nostalgic Reading

Google Playstore lets me read all of the books from my Soviet childhood at $0,24 a pop.

Life is so weird. Could I have guessed back in 1986 where and how I’d get to reread the books I was glued to as a kid?

Reader el, did you know that our favorite Anatoly Aleksin wrote a big novel about anti-Semitism in the post-Soviet era? I had no idea.

Cheap Tricks

The exact same people who are prodding Trump to say something about Navalny will magically discover photos of Navalny throwing sieg heils the second he does and will start wailing to the skies how wounded they feel because the president supports Nazis.

This is absolutely the only reason they suddenly care about Navalny.


Notice the “willing children” part. Of course, the article has been scrubbed since the original publication but it tells us a lot about the mentality behind this initiative. That it’s now OK to say this kind of thing is disturbing on a really terrifying level.

After seeing this sort of thing, the Q people don’t look as weird anymore.

The Infallible Trump

Ah, I see there’s a new scandal about Trump saying something insensitive years ago.

Time goes by, pandemics come and go, economy gets shattered and starts recovering, cities burn, riots continue, people die – but still the biggest argument against Trump is that he says insensitive things. You’d think the guy was incapable of making a single mistake given how every criticism we hear is about him saying something rude. Even the Pope gets more substantive criticisms than Trump.

Money Motivates

People say that money doesn’t motivate you to work harder or inspire genuine enthusiasm.

I don’t know about others but it definitely inspires me. Whenever there’s a boring Zoom meeting, a ridiculous batch of paperwork or a worker that is annoying as all fucks of the universe, I look at my Chair compensation and feel a wave of genuine enthusiasm for the paperwork and discover huge reserves of patience and kindness towards the difficult worker.

I never needed any extra motivation to publish like an unleashed maniac or to teach my heart out but anything outside of that always made me grumpy and difficult.

Moral of the story: pay people well. People need to get paid well to work well.