Money Motivates

People say that money doesn’t motivate you to work harder or inspire genuine enthusiasm.

I don’t know about others but it definitely inspires me. Whenever there’s a boring Zoom meeting, a ridiculous batch of paperwork or a worker that is annoying as all fucks of the universe, I look at my Chair compensation and feel a wave of genuine enthusiasm for the paperwork and discover huge reserves of patience and kindness towards the difficult worker.

I never needed any extra motivation to publish like an unleashed maniac or to teach my heart out but anything outside of that always made me grumpy and difficult.

Moral of the story: pay people well. People need to get paid well to work well.

3 thoughts on “Money Motivates”

  1. “People say that money doesn’t motivate you…”

    I’d like to put that to the test – let’s say public health officials, middle and upper level government bureaucrats, and teachers stopped getting paid for working remotely, then how many minutes/hours/days would restrictive COVID lock-downs last?


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