Nostalgic Reading

Google Playstore lets me read all of the books from my Soviet childhood at $0,24 a pop.

Life is so weird. Could I have guessed back in 1986 where and how I’d get to reread the books I was glued to as a kid?

Reader el, did you know that our favorite Anatoly Aleksin wrote a big novel about anti-Semitism in the post-Soviet era? I had no idea.

6 thoughts on “Nostalgic Reading”

  1. \ Reader el, did you know that our favorite Anatoly Aleksin wrote a big novel about anti-Semitism in the post-Soviet era?

    I forgot, but then remembered after searching – «Сага о Певзнерах».


  2. Btw, you’ve previously written about Jacob Blake walking free after raping a woman since he is a hero now. It’s not so. In his “court appearance from hospital bed,” Blake has pleaded not guilty, yet “a local commissioner decided that there was enough evidence to send the matter to trial” and “A trial over the complaint is set to begin later this year.”

    The bbc article stresses there is no connection to police shooting, probably to prevent readers from reaching your former conclusions of Blake being let off the hook: “The criminal complaint was filed in July, and is unrelated to the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on 23 August. ”

    In other news, after centuries of part blacks passing as whites, now we have one scandal after another regarding the opposite. Honestly, had I been an African American, wouldn’t it have been complimentary in a way? Imagine people falling over themselves to say they are Jews too.

    Cannot understand what made her admit the lie now:

    // A US academic who said she lied about being black will not teach classes this semester, George Washington University has confirmed.

    Jessica Krug, an associate professor whose work focuses on Africa and the African diaspora, admitted in a blog post that she was in fact a white Jewish woman from Kansas City.

    The post read: “I have built my life on a violent anti-black lie.”


  3. Loved this quote in Mike’s blog about the difference between identity and sovereignty. Don’t think I fully understand Jean Baudrillard’s analysis, but his book “Impossible Exchange” looks like something you may enjoy.


    “Identity is a dream that is pathetically absurd. You dream of being yourself when you have nothing better to do. You dream of yourself and gaining recognition when you have lost all singularity. Today we no longer fight for sovereignty or for glory, but for identity. Sovereignty was a mastery; identity is merely a reference. Sovereignty was adventurous; identity is linked to security (and also to the systems of verification which identify you). Identity is this obsession with appropriation of the liberated being, but a being liberated in sterile conditions, no longer knowing what he is. It is a label of existence without qualities. Now, all energies – the energies of minorities and entire peoples, the energies of individuals – are concentrated today on that derisory affirmation, that prideless assertion: I am! I exist! I’m alive, I’m called so-and-so, I’m European! A hopeless affirmation, in fact, since when you need to prove the obvious, it is by no means obvious.”

    -Jean Baudrillard in Impossible Exchange


  4. Seems like less of a stretch, biologically, to identify as a different race, than to identify as male when you are female and vice versa.


  5. If you haven’t watched the latest Tucker, it’s highly recommended. The entire program was about Big Tech: BT & elections, BT & control over health information, BT & censorship of right of center websites such as Breitbart.


  6. “Google Playstore lets me read all of the books from my Soviet childhood”

    I can’t read anything really, really long and involved like a book online…. for deep reading I need paper and ink.


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