Bratty Overlords

And these vicious, petty, infantile brats think they are deeply morally superior to us:

When the coronavirus closed schools and child care centers and turned American parenthood into a multitasking nightmare, many tech companies rushed to help their employees. They used their comfortable profit margins to extend workers new benefits, including extra time off for parents to help them care for their children.

It wasn’t long before employees without children started to ask: What about us?

At a recent companywide meeting, Facebook employees repeatedly argued that work policies created in response to Covid-19 “have primarily benefited parents.” At Twitter, a fight erupted on an internal message board after a worker who didn’t have children at home accused another employee, who was taking a leave to care for a child, of not pulling his weight.

Patriotic March

Today, Klara organized a family walk around the neighborhood. We all had to grab large American flags and march around waving them.

People who saw us on the march reacted with great enthusiasm. They waved, clapped, and probably thought we were making a political statement. We weren’t but it was nice to see how happy strangers were over our walk.

The Last Mall

Klara and I went to the mall today. It was so great. We squealed and laughed and rode the escalator up and down and then all over again. Then we changed in the bathroom and played that we are really chic ladies. And then we played that we are evil lobsters but that’s life with a 4-year-old. We got a sparkly jacket for me, a unicorn t-shirt number five million for Klara, a collection of Toni Morrison’s novels for a friend, a bunch of rainbow scrunchies, and two new bestsellers. We talked and giggled and it was perfect.

But the mall was ghostly. Instead of all this fun, we are supposed to sit at home and stare at our devices. And we accept it because we are too bamboozled and terrified of the imaginary dangers of human company.

Another Shutdown

While I was sick and in mourning, I completely missed that Governor Pritzker (D) has shut down my part of the state again. We went out today, and it’s a ghost town. Restaurants are closed, parking lots are empty.

We have had no change in mortality in this area. It stays at one invariably very elderly person dying with COVID every couple of days. Hospitals are empty. Hospitalizations are down. We were told that the “positivity rate” needs to be under 10%. It went under 10%. But we got shut down anyway because now we are told it needs to go under 6%.

Our mortality rate is 1,8% of the state mortality rate. But we are the ones who get closed down. Why? We vote red. Our economy is being targeted for destruction to make sure we don’t vote Republican anymore.


Leonydus Johnson compiled a list of children shot to death this year in acts of horrid, random violence:

I know these are tough to look at. But my sincere hope is that this thread helps wake people up. This has to stop.

1. Rory Norman was shot and killed in Dallas, TX on Jan. 5th, 2020 after someone shot into his house. He was only 1.

None of these children or their parents are celebrated, lionized or even noticed. None of them are deified like habitual criminals of the George Floyd or Jacob Blake variety. That’s because almost all of them are black and “black lives matter” only when their deaths are useful to some pet narrative of white people. The children in Johnson’s thread don’t offer any opportunity for white people to entertain themselves, so they are discarded.

If you want to talk about “systemic racism,” I can think of no clearer example than the complete indifference to so much death of little children because their deaths can’t be squared with any useful narrative.