Leonydus Johnson compiled a list of children shot to death this year in acts of horrid, random violence:

I know these are tough to look at. But my sincere hope is that this thread helps wake people up. This has to stop.

1. Rory Norman was shot and killed in Dallas, TX on Jan. 5th, 2020 after someone shot into his house. He was only 1.

None of these children or their parents are celebrated, lionized or even noticed. None of them are deified like habitual criminals of the George Floyd or Jacob Blake variety. That’s because almost all of them are black and “black lives matter” only when their deaths are useful to some pet narrative of white people. The children in Johnson’s thread don’t offer any opportunity for white people to entertain themselves, so they are discarded.

If you want to talk about “systemic racism,” I can think of no clearer example than the complete indifference to so much death of little children because their deaths can’t be squared with any useful narrative.

11 thoughts on “BLDM”

  1. That’s silly; these things are reported upon and discussed all the time, that it’s why there’s all this housing advocacy work, work against redlining, antipoverty work, post-conviction work, interest in a kind of policing that would help reduce this instead of ignore it, etc. etc.


    1. “these things are reported upon and discussed all the time”

      Where are the protesters? Where are the giant demonstrations? Kids getting shot as collateral damage in gang warfare is far more concerning to me than violent thugs getting killed while resisting arrest…..


      1. “than violent thugs getting killed while resisting arrest”

        Than a very, very, very small number of violent thugs getting killed while resisting arrest.


      2. The thing is that there is police brutality and there are the various other problems. These demonstrations about police brutality are about that. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t, every day, a lot of activity about the violence that happens in everyday life if you are poor.


          1. Read this article about the riots and while it may not cover everything, this stood out to me. As a not American, I didn’t expect to see:

            // The violence we are seeing is in mostly white cities by mostly white people. Minneapolis is 19% black. Seattle is 7% black and Portland is 6% black. Kenosha is 10% black and close to 80% white! Note that super-black cities like Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit have had no riots. Los Angeles, which just had a police shooting, could not get a decent riot going. They tried, but they lack the white kids with back packs needed to do it.

            The truth behind these riots is that they have nothing to do with local issues or legitimate grievances. They are simply a happening that is drawing in the disaffected white youth that provides bodies for Antifa. Get up close to an Antifa crowd and what is striking is how unimpressive they are individually. … These are young whites who have no place in the neo-liberal order, so they end up in Antifa.

            Related is the flight out of places like San Francisco and New York. The plague is being blamed for it. The man-made panic shutting down these cities is forcing people to find greener pastures. Note, however, that the people who flocked to these urban oases for the culture, lifestyle and urban living are unwilling to fight for it. Instead of taking to the streets demanding more from their mayors, they are just packing the Subaru and heading for the suburbs. It was all fake and temporary for them.

            Replacing social capital with likes on social media and pointless employment in the new economy is not working. … A truth of the human condition is men need purpose and fraternity. … Living atomized, pointless lives among constantly shifting groups of strangers is a recipe for disaster, not paradise.



            1. I was actually told by an American expat a few years ago – just after Trump was elected and the James Damore incident at Google – that most protestors come from entirely white neighborhoods and don’t actually know any of the “oppressed” people on whose behalf they claim to be protesting. It seems like this has been going on for a while.


            2. St Louis has had some of the deadliest riots. Chicago has had horrible riots and looting.

              The idea that this is all done by “white people” comes from the same misguided place as the idea that this is about “police brutality.” Look at the footage of the rioting, looting and harassment. Look with your own eyes and see who is participating. Many people there, especially the ones charged with serious crimes in relation to the riots, the ones who killed and have been killed (like the Portland assassin) aren’t that young. And an enormous number isn’t white. Look at Dorn’s murderers in STL. Look at the footage of the Chicago lootings. Look at the footage of the Pittsburgh harassment yesterday. If you see only or mostly “white youth” there, we are watching different videos.


        1. I’m sorry but this is desperately naive. I understand somebody mistakenly thinking this back in May but at this point I have no idea how it’s possible to maintain the belief that any of what’s going on is about “police brutality.”


          1. Poor people have been begging the “protesters” to go away and stop destroying their neighborhoods. They overwhelmingly want more not less police. The “protesters” have facilitated a crime wave of gigantic proportions that has already caused the deaths of hundreds, precisely in these poor neighborhoods and will cause a lot more. These “protests” are a literal war on the poor. If that weren’t so, why would the “protesters” receive such gigantic donations from mega-rich corporations? Why are the corporate media on the side of the “protesters”? If the richest people on the planet love these “protests” isn’t it a sign that the “protests” benefit the rich and not the poor?


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