Bratty Overlords

And these vicious, petty, infantile brats think they are deeply morally superior to us:

When the coronavirus closed schools and child care centers and turned American parenthood into a multitasking nightmare, many tech companies rushed to help their employees. They used their comfortable profit margins to extend workers new benefits, including extra time off for parents to help them care for their children.

It wasn’t long before employees without children started to ask: What about us?

At a recent companywide meeting, Facebook employees repeatedly argued that work policies created in response to Covid-19 “have primarily benefited parents.” At Twitter, a fight erupted on an internal message board after a worker who didn’t have children at home accused another employee, who was taking a leave to care for a child, of not pulling his weight.

5 thoughts on “Bratty Overlords”

  1. I do not know exactly what happened here. If a group of people has to finish a project by a specific deadline and then the workforce is cut by a half because of parents staying at home, one could understand why not parents wouldn’t be happy of significant increase in their workload for the same pay. Don’t know whether it’s what happened here.


  2. Think this paragraph is also important since my first question was whether the complaining parties don’t hope to become parents themselves one day:

    “The divide is more pronounced at some technology companies, where workers tend to be younger and have come to expect generous perks and benefits in exchange for letting their jobs take over their lives. Tech companies were among the first to ask employees to work from home at the start of the pandemic, and to offer generous leave and additional time off once it became apparent that children would remain home from school as well.

    The tension between parents and nonparents has been most vividly displayed at Facebook.

    In March, Facebook offered up to 10 weeks of paid time off for employees if they had to care for a child whose school or day care facility had closed or for an older relative whose nursing home was not open. Google and Microsoft extended similar paid leave to employees dealing with children at home or a sick relative.”


  3. Btw, have you read Matt Taibbi’s post re Trump?

    “Donald Trump … he’s perpetually misdiagnosed. The words we see slapped on him most often, like “fascist” and “authoritarian,” nowhere near describe what he really is, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

    The elite misread of Trump is egregious because he’s an easily familiar type to the rest of America. We’re a sales culture and Trump is a salesman. Moreover he’s not just any salesman; he might be the greatest salesman ever, considering the quality of the product, i.e. himself.

    The question, “What is Trump thinking?” is the wrong one. He’s not thinking, he’s selling. What’s he selling? Whatever pops into his head. The beauty of politics from his point of view … is that there’s no product. The pitch is the product, and you can give different pitches to different people and they all buy.

    Political opponents seem incapable of not handing him free advertising. … What would he be running on, if he didn’t have Russiagate, “fake news,” and impeachment?

    Trump’s argument is, “They lie about me.” He attracts so much negative attention, and so completely dominates the culture, that the line between him and the country that elected him becomes blurred, allowing him to make a secondary argument: “They lie about you.” This incantation works.”


  4. This example of cancel culture is almost funny, so share here:

    // A tenured professor of philosophy at Taylor University, a conservative Christian liberal-arts school in Indiana, has been fired for refusing to take down a music video he posted to YouTube.

    The video shows Jim Spiegel in his basement performing “Little Hitler,” a song he wrote about human depravity. The refrain goes:

    There’s a little Hitler inside of me,
    There’s a brutal killer inside everyone,
    The hatred grows inside us naturally.


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