Stooping Lower

Zuckerberg is preparing us to take it in our stride when he and his political puppets falsify the results of the election:

Zuckerberg: “what we and the other media need to start doing is preparing the american people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or weeks to make sure all the votes are counted.”

The voters are responding with bovine silence.

OMG, I never thought I’d say this but this is – wait for it! – worse than – really, really, wait for it!

it’s worse than Russia!

Congratulations, Americans, you finally stooped lower.


We went out for a family picnic today. It was really hot but we played a lot of badminton and eventually decided it was a good idea to go out for an early dinner. Everything is closed on this side of the river so we drove into Missouri.

It’s nothing to us. Takes less than half an hour. In terms of public health, it would definitely be better if people just ate in their small towns instead of driving across state lines and back every time they fancy a restaurant meal.

The people who suffer are the restaurant servers who rely on cash tips and whose livelihood was yanked away for no reason and without warning. It’s the owners of small neighborhood places. It’s the people whose living depends on being tied to a particular spot. They are being schooled into hating the idea of being tied to a spot, of being rooted in a community.

What our governor (D) is doing seems illogical and crazy if you accept the narrative that these measures are about “public health.” But they aren’t. This is a refashioning of the economy. Lockdowns and riots are punishing rootedness and encouraging constant movement, reshuffling, and fluidity.

Selling Indulgences

An “activist” is lecturing a bunch of white people on how they are not even human:

They are gobbling it up and not because they hate themselves as some people assume. Listening to this drivel is a mark of social status. It fosters a sense of immense moral superiority. Talk to people who have attended this kind of thing and you’ll see how they drip with contempt towards you and everybody who hasn’t attended.

At these gatherings, people buy an indulgence that allows them to see others as subhuman and themselves as so vastly morally superior that any action towards the “not really human” will be justified.