Stooping Lower

Zuckerberg is preparing us to take it in our stride when he and his political puppets falsify the results of the election:

Zuckerberg: “what we and the other media need to start doing is preparing the american people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or weeks to make sure all the votes are counted.”

The voters are responding with bovine silence.

OMG, I never thought I’d say this but this is – wait for it! – worse than – really, really, wait for it!

it’s worse than Russia!

Congratulations, Americans, you finally stooped lower.

8 thoughts on “Stooping Lower”

  1. I unfortunately already requested an absentee ballot, but I’ll be taking it directly to the board of elections. My parents (both Biden voters) are doing the same thing. But of course, our individual actions won’t stop the impending clusterfuck.


  2. Arizona has had strictly regulated absentee ballot voting for decades, with mandated prior verification of voter address, signature, etc., and ballots dropped directly into a Federal mail box (NO “voter -harvesting” of bulk unmailed ballots by partisan collectors), and the system has worked perfectly since I moved here over twenty years ago.

    AZ’s system will work again this year, no fear.

    We have yet to see how the Democrats’ proposed scatter-gunned approach for other states — send a mail-in ballot to EVERY REGISTERED NAME ON RECORD, never-mind if we know that the address is current or even if the addressee is still alive, look for no proof like a signature that the voter is genuine, and have a partisan party member pick up the ballots in bulk directly from the voters so that the party members can drop them in the mail (after they finish either opening and modifying of some of the ballots, or simply throw away bulk collections that came from rural areas presumed to be mostly Republican), and finally, have no firm date relative to the election by which these ballots have to be received– and you have a potential for disaster.

    No doubt about it, election night on 3 November and the days/(weeks?) following it will be very entertaining!


  3. In Australia, elections were conducted in a way where voting could take place for one day and one day only. Yet, just this last week, an election concluded in which voting took place over 4 weeks, with several weeks early voting with no ID check, postal voting with no oversight, and only a single regular polling day. Some seats were won with margins of a dozen or so votes.

    These following days there has been an eerie unease and disbelieving silence, which I think, eventually, will culminate in violence. The same is more likely for the US than it is here imo, given the prevalence of firearms.


  4. ” falsify the results of the election”

    As long as we’re here, what’s the current CW of the 1960 presidential election? In my lifetime it went from “a squeaker probably determined by Nixon being very non-camera friendly during the debates” (Nixon did generally have an unpleasant and off-putting manner) to “of course it was stolen, more specifically in Chicago” (I’ve heard more than one version of just how it was stolen also).

    Is the 1960 election still a thing?


    1. PRI-scale election fraud is what you get when the mass media is in the pocket of one political party. What you can’t see isn’t shown and what you do see is lied about.


      1. And if you’re a PRI ‘one-party democracy’ wannabe, it doesn’t hurt to have a goodly portion of the military leadership co-opted too, something the Democrats appear to have been working towards in the US.


  5. “Is the 1960 election still a thing?”

    No, because people live in the Eternal Now.

    Three fun facts about the 1960 election. First, the national popular vote percentage margin was the closest for all United States presidential elections. The debate thing mattered only because the result was so close that literally everything mattered. Second, Nixon carrying Illinois would not have given him an electoral college majority or plurality. Third, in one southern state voters could vote for two alternative Democratic slates of electors, one pro-Kennedy and one anti-Kennedy, and none of the electors elected on the anti-Kennedy slate voted for Kennedy. However, mainstream sources almost always include votes for the anti-Kennedy electors as votes for Kennedy, if you don’t do this he loses his nationwide popular vote plurality.


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