Only the Positives

On the positive side, Hollywood movies are already so bad that it’s hard to make them worse.

On an even more positive side, this is a giant stride towards making the world “inclusive” repellent for absolutely everybody.

10 thoughts on “Only the Positives”

  1. Many big things are becoming irrelevant these days. New York Times, Hollywood, TV News, NBA, NFL to name a few. The Oscars have been declining for years. Last time I watched them I was in constant cringe because they clapped significantly louder whenever a black person was nominated or won something.

    I always find it puzzling that it’s the younger people who are woke, and yet the businesses that cater to older audiences are the ones that become uberwoke. Where is the business sense of these people. Do they hope that the 20 years old will start watching the stuffy Oscars that are full of fifty something botoxed people when they have so many other things to choose from?

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    1. “I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this gets proposed right after a non-Western film wins Best Picture”

      ??? The last Western to win the Best Picture Oscar was “No Country for Old Men” way back in 2008.


        1. “Not Western the genre, Western the world region”

          Come on, Demotrash, I KNEW that. I just wanted to see who would bite. 🙂


  2. The Oscars were always an industry awards show. If you care about awards, where were always critic given awards for movies and people who worked on them that had some value, though limited, in telling you what movies were worth watching that year. The Motion Picture Academy Awards never in their history did even that. Even this comment is a waste of the two minutes it is taking me to write it and the minute it takes people to read it, but for some reason people paid attention to this awards show.

    Ideally what should happen to the Oscars would be what happened to fight night (boxing) and beauty pageants. These were huge deals in popular culture that people even organized their lives around -Donald Trump was involved in both- that just went away and there was no reason for people to pay attention to them in the first place.


    1. ” just went away and there was no reason for people to pay attention to them in the first place”

      That’s a bleak view of life… I remember when the Oscars were a lot of fun, but there were far fewer awards shows broadcast and so the Oscars were a bit of an event – and they weren’t nearly as preachy as they are now. They were often a bit preachy but within the limits of toleration and the oblivious self-righteousness seemed like part of the glamor rather than being (another) cudgel to hit audiences over the head with after the rest of the media is done hitting them that day.
      Now it’s just another spectacle in a media that’s overflowing with them…


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