Another Episode of the Minstrel Show

Another person is outed as a fake black. But that’s not even the funny part. Yes, the “anti-racist struggle” always leads to a minstrel show, big news. The really interesting thing is not the Italian woman who pretended to be a black non-woman. It’s the author of the linked article. That’s a really disturbed person but nobody is noticing because this kind of crazy is popular these days.

The only place that the current obsession with diversity plus the woke definition of race are leading us is a competition among white people as to who will more successfully perform in this show. Leftist circles are so neoliberal that they see everything in terms of individual failings. There will be no introspection and no insights as to how they created an environment that produced Jessica Krugs and CV Haddads. But we can do it before we let this crowd of dumb, vain, dysfunctional twerps teach us how to “be better.”

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