On Fire

Nothing lights a fire under my ass better than a really great, strong lecture with everybody engaged and participating and learning.

It’s so great to be a teacher. I feel like I could almost fly.

9 thoughts on “On Fire”

        1. Actually, I consider my teaching to be extremely pro-racial justice. My course on Hispanic Civ has more on the Afro-Latino culture than, I’m guessing, most such courses in the country. I think Ibram Kendi himself would be happy about that course. And I’m not doing it as a fad or something to put in a report. It’s how I always teach.

          OK, this sounds like an aggressive comment but I don’t mean it this way. I’m just chuckling at people who need a special occasion to know and teach this stuff when some of us have been on it for 15 years.


          1. “I think Ibram Kendi himself would be happy”

            And lots of people in the gulag had thought that Comrade Stalin himself would be happy with the job they were doing building socialism….


  1. “#scholarstrike”

    Sounds like bullshit to me. Universities on very fragile ground and these fuckers want to hurt them more? Screw that shit.
    (sorry for the profanity, but…. honestly!)


  2. By the way, Al Sharpton said something smart the other day. He said that the only people who want to defund the police are Latte Liberals. LOL. So true!

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