The Halloween Test

Halloween will be the real test. Will we be able to have normal celebrations or will Branch Covidians prevail and rob us of the festive occasion like they’ve robbed us of so much before?

4 thoughts on “The Halloween Test”

  1. Shelter in Place is a complete hoax, the biggest ever perpetrated in Western Civilization. Certainly there is a COVID 19, and certainly people can die from it, but the deaths are much much lower than predicted in March. The media have failed us. They are not holding “scientists” and “doctors” accountable. Media have made it their business to frighten everyone, thus weakening the immune system. We should have done what the Romans, Greeks, and every civilization did previously: protect the weaker members of society by isolating them. Most of us should have continued with business as usual. Who know about Halloween.


  2. “We don’t have the power to just order Halloween cancelled but I can tell you right now if the medical officer of health’s advice to me is that I should say to parents ‘You should not go out and you should not be handing out candy and all those kinds of things because we think that it poses a risk, especially with the numbers going up’ I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do that,” says Toronto mayor John Tory.

    So this tin-pot dictator wannabe outright admits there’s actually no legal way for him to use his mayoral authority to cancel Halloween for 3 million people but he’s obviously itching to do just that on a simple “we think that” say-so of an un-elected bureaucrat whose idea of public health and safety includes campaigning for “safe” injection sites and decriminalizing drugs.

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