The Insulted Soldiers Hoax

Hey, guess what? Trump ordered a mural commemorating WWII soldiers to be removed because he didn’t appreciate the soldiers’ race and gender. Their appearance wasn’t pleasing to him so he said they weren’t real heroes and should be screwed.

OK, OK, so it wasn’t Trump. That makes it non-news. It did happen, though:

A mural painted nearly 70 years ago at the University of Rhode Island is set to be taken down after staff said students complained about a lack of diversity in the picture. . . When veterans returned from World War II and enrolled at URI, they and other community members raised money in memory of those who lost their lives in the war.

The reason why the mural has to go is because it helped murder Jacob Blake. Who’s alive. But whatever, you know what I mean:

“I think we have to recognize the horrible incidents and the tragic murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and most recently Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin during this is heightened time and we as an institution have to look at the systems in place across this institution that maybe are not representing who we are today and representing the true diversity of URI today,” said Collins.

What a gigantic win for “anti-racism.” Now that the three-minute fad of fake-caring about fallen soldiers of world wars is over let’s rejoice about these pasty loser soldiers getting shafted.

3 thoughts on “The Insulted Soldiers Hoax”

  1. Why don’t they just repaint the skin tones of two soldiers. Problem solved. What losers.

    The left couldn’t be easier to make fun of if they tried.

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