Alien Account

I haven’t visited my blog’s email account for a few weeks because the current regime of working makes me dread the concept of email. Now I’ve finally checked and I’m horrified. The email address was discovered by a bunch of really intense anti-Semites who have been sending me bigoted garbage several times a day. I thought I had accidentally broke into some weirdo’s account when I saw a bunch of subject lines informing me of “rabbis taking ritualistic baths in infant blood.”

A Confession of Disbelief

This kind of quiz is extremely easy to game. Everybody knows what the right slogan is. The quiz is inviting dishonesty, cynicism and powerless, angry mockery. This quiz is evidence that the anti-racist crowd despises its own beliefs.

And it’s obviously not just the quiz. Every effort to force people to parrot these empty formulas and impose speech codes demonstrates that the wokesters know that their belief system is so ridiculous that they will never persuade anybody to adopt it willingly and enthusiastically. If you need to bully seniors at a restaurant to mouth your slogans, it can only mean that you know these slogans are idiotic.

Ukrainian Immigrants Win

I’m happy to report that Ukrainian immigrants produce a small net positive for the economy of Denmark while Russian immigrants produce a small net negative:

Before anybody brings up N, he’s actually mostly Belarusian ethnically with some Pole, Finn and a tad of Ashkenazi Jew.