A Confession of Disbelief

This kind of quiz is extremely easy to game. Everybody knows what the right slogan is. The quiz is inviting dishonesty, cynicism and powerless, angry mockery. This quiz is evidence that the anti-racist crowd despises its own beliefs.

And it’s obviously not just the quiz. Every effort to force people to parrot these empty formulas and impose speech codes demonstrates that the wokesters know that their belief system is so ridiculous that they will never persuade anybody to adopt it willingly and enthusiastically. If you need to bully seniors at a restaurant to mouth your slogans, it can only mean that you know these slogans are idiotic.

7 thoughts on “A Confession of Disbelief”

  1. “quiz is inviting dishonesty, cynicism and powerless”

    Another day, another bit of creeping Sovietization….

    “they will never persuade anybody to adopt it willingly and enthusiastically”

    You’re too generous. The last thing that “anti-racism” wokesters want is less racism. Less racism is the gaping maw of eternal oblivion.


  2. The only people who’ll ever truly “matter” are the ones who:
    treat you decently
    you admire from afar for their accomplishments, talents and aptitudes, meritable traits, charismatic personalities
    anyone you might “idolize”

    Asking to “respect”, “revere”, and “value” a total stranger simply on account of their ancestry, gender, of any other accident of birth is getting a bit over-the-top in terms of mandates and expectations of us as “fellow citizens”.
    It’s not like we’re talking about celebrities and royalty.


  3. Maybe the right strategy against these things is to act as if they were data protection or health & safety training. Stuff that needs to be done, that it’s good some people care about enough to dedicate their careers to it but that 99.9% of everyone else unanimously acknowledges is a complete bore that you just try to get through as quickly as possible, never engage emotionally with, check boxes and then forget about the next day.
    While I enormously admire the academics who publicly criticize and resist this kind of thing, I wonder if doing so means that you have actually emotionally engaged with the whole thing, which is what they want in the first place.


    1. I mean the thing would be to show in a clear but non-confrontational or over-the-top manner that you’re about as excited about and engaged in these anti-racist trainings as you are about whether participant data should be kept for one year or eleven and a half months. Talk about it as you would about health and safety stuff – oh yes the thing that we need to cram in for five minutes at the end of each meeting to tick the boxes etc.


      1. That’s actually how everybody treats them. Like a boring bit of red tape. I know three fanatics who seriously believe this stuff (they are all hysterical white ladies in the menopausal stage, obviously) but that’s it.


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